La clinique des fantasmes

The life of certain gynecologists seems to be hard. This film begins with one of them, a drunken man tells another man that when he was a gynecologist all the women jumped on him. So stressful that he decided to give up work.
What an unlucky man!
A beautiful porn with a long list of actresses: Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Brigitte Verbecq, France Lomay, Julia Perrin, Mika Barthel, Monique Carrère and Morgane. The menu is the usual one, starting from the blowjobs and ending with the threesome.

La maison des phantasmes

We’re never bored by looking at Brigitte Lahaie nude, this beautiful French blondie who worked both in softcore and hardcore cinema. Her soft body and her fabulous tits made many spectators dreaming, and still today she’s a myth with a large number of fans all over the world. And the sequences we present today come from her hardcore production. They are sequences from the movie La Maison des phantasmes. There is all: blowjobs, threesomes, group masturbations, orges… Together with her in this film are Elisabeth Buré, Morgane and Cristel Lauris. It doesn’t matter wether or not you’re fans of Brigitte Lahaie: you’ll enjoy these videos.