Sentimental Maniacs

Sentimental Maniacs (original title is Maniaci sentimentali) is a pleasant comedy with a great plus: all the actresses strips and poses nude. The list starts with Barbara De Rossi and goes on with Clelia Rondinella, then Monica Scattini and ends with a very young Veronica Logan.
You can find it to our daily updated archives and you can find both the review and many interesting clips…


After many years, we are able to find a new nude with the beautiful Serena Grandi. Today we present the movie Malamore, the last movie by Eriprando Visconti, made in Lomellina in 1982. It’s a love story between a rich dwarf and a smart prostitute, the fabulous Nathalie Nell. The prostitute’s collegues are Serena Grandi, Fiorella Molinari, Cinzia Cavalieri and Monica Scattini. A great list of nude bodies. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives.