Evil Senses

Our users love Monica Guerritore, one of the best actresses in Italian Erotic movies. She’s so fascinating and intriguing that none can avoid to remember this beautiful woman. After some very intriguing movies, today we present a new chapter in erotic cinema history- We’re speaking of Evil Senses, with Monica Guerritore, Mimsy Farmer and a beautiful Gioia Maria Scola. For this movie, you can find the complete review, data and many clips in our archives.

Mutande Pazze

The movie we present today is Mutande Pazze, directed by Roberto D’Agostino and it is a kind of ironic work against television that shows some fabulous beauties. Among these you can see, Eva Grimaldi, Barbara Kero, Deborah Calì, Monica Guerritore and Tiziana D’Arcangelo (who does remember the beautiful busty girl in the TV Show Colpo Grosso?).

Scandalous Gilda

If you’re looking for Monica Guerritore nude clips, one of the best movies is Scandalous Gilda. Many good nude scenes, even total naked bodies, and many scenes of high erotic content. Monica here plays a woman whose husband cheated on her. She has a temporary sex story with an erotic comics sketcher that she met in an oil station. You don’t need to know more than this; you’ve only to enjoy these scenes, all beautiful… and a pissing scene is included, although it was made with a play of shadows and light. Plus, Jasmine Maimone nude scenes, for the fans of this blonde actress.

The First Time on the Grass

Today is a good day for Monica Guerritore’s fans. Today we present the movie that shows her young and beautiful, with a scene in which she’s totally naked. The movie is La primva volta sull’erba, made in 1974 and directed by Gianluigi Calderone.

The Venetian Woman

A couple of women, a luscious widow and a young wife whos husband is always out for work, desire a handsome guy and try to have him. Both of them can have him, so we can admire the nude bodies of Laura Antonelli and Monica Guerritore. Together with them, a naked Clelia Rondinella. There’s a simil-lesbo scene with Laura and Clelia. The movie is The Venetian Woman (AKA La Venexiana).