Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula (AKA Bram Stoker’s Dracula) completely renewed the vampire-like genre. A $40 million production and a top-notch cast. In short: a masterpiece.
But the Dracula shot by Coppola is also synonymous of beautiful actresses. Better, nude actresses.
First of all Monica Bellucci, in the role of one of Dracula‘s wives. Florina Kendrick and Michaela Bercu are the other two wives. Three wives: a difficult life. Plus, Sadie Frost and Winona Ryder, for a feast of beautiful women.

L'ultimo Capodanno

We wish you a Happy New Year with a new update, dealing with a New Year party: L’ultimo Capodanno. A nice movie with a gorgeous Monica Bellucci nude. This is the fifteenth year we can spend with our members and many others will come. Enjoy this night!

La riffa

How many of you would buy a lottery ticket if the prize was Monica Bellucci?
La riffa is a movie that tells the story of a widowed woman with serious economic issues. She sells all her goods: the house, the jewels, the furs, the yacht… But the money earned will not last forever, so she decides to launch a decisive blow to poverty: she organizes a lottery in which the prize is her. Many rich men buy the ticket, of course!
Monica Bellucci offers us some really beautiful scenes, especially if you are lovers of stockings.


Malèna is a beautiful and sensual woman who lives in a small town in Sicily. Its beauty makes all the local boys fall in love. And adults too.
Obviously, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And Malèna is hated by all the women in the country. Who plays Malèna? Monica Bellucci, and this explains why all the males fall in love with her. In this movie there are so many interesting scenes. Monica Bellucci nude is a spectacle of nature.

Manuale d’am3re

Stories of love at different ages. The love between two young people who is put in crisis by a beautiful girl. The love of a married couple who is destroyed by a betrayal with a woman who will then become a stalker. Finally, love in old age, between a man who thought he had closed with feelings and instead falls in love with a beautiful woman.
Tres stories, three fabulous actresses: Monica Bellucci, Laura Chiatti and Angela Finocchiaro.

Manuale d’amore 2 (Capitoli successivi)

Four different episodes describing the various stages of love. And three beautiful actresses, of the highest level. First of all Monica Bellucci, sensual and horny as always. Following, the Spanish Elsa Pataky, another amazing beauty. Finally, the Slovak Barbora Bobulova, an actress we love very much.
Delicate eroticism, naked swimming in the pool, transparent sweaters… Another joy for our eyes.

N (Io e Napoleone)

The story of Martino, a young master who lives on the Elba Island, idealist and anti Napoleon. Unfortunately, it will have to serve Napoleon, in exile on the island.
The part of the film that interests us most is the one with the noble baroness Emily, played by Monica Bellucci. And she’s beautiful. Monica Bellucci is one of the most sensual women in the world. Both naked and dressed she excites us very much.

Ostinato Destino

It’s always a great pleasure to watch Monica Bellucci‘s nude body, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Today we present the movie Ostinato destino in which we can see her in a couple of amazing scenes. You can find in our archives a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Un été brûlant

One of the most beautiful things in the world? Simple: Monica Bellucci nude. Years pass, but evidently they don’t knock on her door. Monica Bellucci is always young and beautiful.
The movie Un été brûlant shows us the beautiful Monica naked and lying on a bed. An erotic dream. We watched this sequence loop for at least half an hour.

Under Suspicion

A lawyer goes to a police office to clarify some aspects of his deposition. They tell him it will only take ten minutes, but the wait gets longer and longer. And even longer. Long as our waiting for the scene we are waiting for: Monica Bellucci nude.

Vita coi figli

Vita coi figli is the first movie with Monica Bellucci. A businessman delegates to his wife everything about the family, but when she dies in a car accident he will have to take care of his five children and their problems.
When he meets Elda (Monica Bellucci), a woman much younger than him, he fall madly in love with her. A TV-movie that showed us for the first time Monica Bellucci nude on the screen.