In the 90s many things have changed in Italian politics. Scandals, dirty money, collusion with organized crime … A famous judge seemed to clean up everything with a series of trials and arrests of prominent personalities. In reality, things never really change. But we are not here to talk about politics, of course. This was only the premise for reviewing the TV series entitled 1992, which tells the fate of six people during these political events. A review on bare skin, kindly offered by one of the most beautiful Italian actresses of the 2000s: Miriam Leone. We love her.


After 1992 comes 1993. Obvious. And comes the second season of the TV series that deals with political intrigues in Italy in the 90s. Intrigues that do not interest us, to be honest, but we are very interested in Miriam Leone nude.
In this second season, Miriam strips less, but luckily Camilla Semino Favro helps us with some nude sequences.

Medici: Masters of Florence [Season 1]

A TV series that explores the story of one of the most famous families in Italian history. We are in the fifteenth century and Cosimo de Medici is at the helm of his banking dynasty when his father, Giovanni, dies suddenly.
Even if the production is not completely Italian, in a television series about “de Medici” family could not miss the beautiful Italian celebrities. In fact, we have the opportunity to watch Miriam Leone, Valentina Bellè, Sarah Felberbaum and Chiara Centioni. Nude, of course. And there’s also a sex scene with British actress Annabel Scholey.

Metti la nonna in Freezer

Have we already told you that we love Miriam Leone? Probably yes. We watch all the movies and TV series in which she plays, hoping to see her naked. And sometimes we are lucky. Metti la nonna in Freezer is a comedy that tells the story of a girl who puts her grandmother in the freezer to continue to receive the social security money. The beautiful girl is Miriam and among the various comic sequences there are also those with tits in the wind!