Full Body Massage

Mimi Rogers plays a rich lady who enjoys a relaxing massage at Douglas, once a week. But one day she finds a new massager, Fitch, with whom she instantly establishes a deep understanding. We do not spoil you on the plot, because we are interested only in Mimi Rogers nude. And in this movie she has been naked for a long time, since all the clothes are obviously taken off for massaging. If you like curvy women, the video clips from this movie are unmissable. Mimi Rogers presents us one of the most beautiful topless of the cinemas in the 90’s.

The Door in the Floor

A couple loses their two sons in an accident and this destabilizes them a lot. To give the coup de grace to the husband – a writer – will be his assistant, who goes to bed with his wife.
A few sequences, but which allow us to admire two mature and still beautiful actresses: Kim Basinger and Mimi Rogers.
We want to spend a few extra words on Mimi Rogers, because in this film she gives us a fabulous full nude. And wow, what huge tits!

Cruel Intentions 2

Chronologically Cruel Intentions 2 is the second chapter of the saga, but fundamentally it’s a prequel. We are told the story of when Kathryn meets Sebastian for the first time, their sexual attraction and their fulfillment in destroying the lives of their peers.
There are not many nude sequences, but Amy Adams manages to be totally horny even with clothes on. And then there’s Alicia Lorén and Annie Sorell naked in the shower, and Teresa Hill supersexy. Finally a hot sequence of a massage to Amy Adams and Mimi Rogers. And watching Mimi Rogers on that bed comes back to mind the beautiful film in which she is massaged for a long time…