Californication [Season 1]

Hank Moody is no doubt a sort of contemporary Charles Bukowski. A lazy and cynical writer, he spends his time going around, drinking and smoking. And, of course, fucking. Hank Moody is also the main character in the tv serial that deleted from David Duchovny’s face the role of Fox Mulder from X-Files. But, above all, it’s the tv serial that shows him naked. In the first season, the nude celebrities are a lot: Alison Mei LanBrooke BannerCamille LangfieldLaura NilesMadeline ZimaMichele NordinPaula Marschal and Rachel Miner. The complete review of the first season of Californication is in our archives, together with some HD clips.

Californication [Season 2]

We’re back speaking of Californication, the tv serial that gave a Golden Globe to David Duchovny as Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. We’re quite happy for the price, even if we’re mostly interested in the nude celebrities from this serial. After our review on the nude celebrities in the first season, today we present the second. First of all, the soft Meredith Monroe, that you all remember as Andie from Dawson’s Creek. Her fans will be happy to find her in a hot version. And then the beautiful Carla Gallo and Zita Vass, with generous nudes. You can find the complete review and many HD clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.