Natale a Beverly Hills

In Natale a Beverly Hills there are no nudes, but the beautiful Michelle Hunziker is provocative even dressed. However, in the sequences we have selected she is dressed very little. In fact in these scenes she wears only a pair of panties, or a teddy bear (!).
Do not miss the scene on the mechanical bull, really very sexy.

Voglio stare sotto al letto

Have you ever heard of any scene with Michelle Hunziker nude? Jes, they exist. They come from the funny comedy Voglio stare sotto al letto, 1999, in which the beautiful Michelle made a couple of interesting nude scenes. There is a nearly total nude scene where she gets up from bed and wears a bathrobe. Honestly, we hoped to see much more in this movie, in example Manuela Arcuri nude. But Manuela has only a bikini scene here. Anyway, Michelle Hunziker’s nudes are enough to put this movie in our favorites list.