We go on adding new HD videos to our archives. With a time travel back in the ’80s, we present Tomboy. In those years were produced many movies in the genre teen sex comedy and this Tomboy is one of the bests, no doubt. It’s the story of a girl named Tommy, the tomboy from the title, and she hates men… until she met a handsome race pilot. The main character is Betsy Russell. Or, better, Betsy Russell nude! If you enjoyed the blonde version in the movie Private School, you’ll love her as a brunette. But the nude actresses in this movie are more: Cynthia Thompson, Kristi Somers and Michelle Bauer. An unforgettable update!

Evil Toons

The cult movie we present today is a kind of erotic-horror with some comedy scenes, maybe an erotic comedy with some horror scenes. The movie is Evil Toons. Four girls, among them the beautiful Penthouse Pet, Monique Gabrielle, are tiding up a witched house. Here they met a demon, looking like Taz from Looney Toones. The plot is quite poor, but the actresses are almost always nude. Together with Monique we find Madison, Suzanne Ager, Barbara Dare and Michelle Bauer. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives. Now in HD.