Biancaneve & Co.

It isn’t our first time speaking of Biancaneve & Co., a movie with many explosive scenes for all Michela Miti‘s belovers. Today we speak of this movie again because we uploaded, together with a full review of this movie, new clips with higher quality and some more clips, too.

Cream Horn

Cream Horn is an Italian comedy you can’t loose: many laughs, many nude celebrities, first of all the beautiful Edwige Fenech. Laugh after laugh, generated by the typical misunderstandings of these movies, there are other important contents that make us happy, in example a good list of nude breasts. Together with Edwige there are the nude bodies of Michela Miti, Lucia Monaco and Mariangela D’Abbraccio.


A killer killed seven people using a deadly poison extracted from a snake. A shrewd and ingenious detective takes care of the case.
Michela Miti nude. No more words needed, but we go on to tell you these clips come from a rare movie, one of the most researched by our members: Delitti. Quality isn’t the best, but enough to enjoy the very hot scenes. Plus, a sexy scene with Alessandra Izzo.

Dolce pelle di Angela

A fabulous day for Michela Miti‘s fans. Today you can see Michela Miti nude from one of her best movies: Dolce pelle di Angela (AKA The Seduction of Angela). Stockings, lesbian, bouncing boobs, threesome… This movie is rich of erotic scene. Plus, Carmen Di Pietro nude in a short scene. You can find a great selection of videoclip extracts from this movie in our archives. You can’t loose it!

I ragazzi di celluloide

It is the 40s and Europe is on fire, but a group of guys decide not to abandon their dreams and continues to attend the Centro Sperimentale Cinema (a film school) in Rome. While Italy faces the fascism, the racial laws, the war, this group of intellectuals proceeds undeterred in the development of their abilities.
Among the many good actors of this Italian TV series of the early 80’s we point out the two actresses who offered their nudity to the screen: Daniela Poggi and Michela Miti. Rare sequences that we show you with pride.

Pierino colpisce ancora

The teacher who falls down with her legs up, showing underpants and pantyhose stockings, the teacher who crosses her legs discovering two fabulous thighs under the desk, the teacher undressing in her room and is spied through the keyhole… They are all sequences that can be found in Pierino colpisce ancora, one of the many films dedicated to Pierino, who is the main character of many Italian jokes. And these films were made just by collecting dozens of these jokes, sewn together in an improbable plot. The sensual teacher is played by the beautiful Michela Miti, and among the various actors we can also admire a young and exciting Serena Grandi.

Pierino contro tutti

In Italy, hundreds of jokes have been told for years, featuring a mischievous child: Pierino.
In the 80s this character was brought to the cinema and played by an adult with a child’s face: Alvaro Vitali. Four official movies, three movies made and never distributed and some unofficial movies with different actors.
This is the first movie of the official saga. It cost very little and collected a lot. In the role of supersexy teacher we find the sensual Michela Miti.

Questo e Quello

An Italian comedy in two episodes. In the first episode a comic strip artist is going through a creative crisis. But when he meets a beautiful blonde girl he begins to draw his love story. In the second episode, a mature man falls in love with his ex-girlfriend’s daughter.
The nude actresses in this movie are one more beautiful than the other: Désirée Nosbusch, Janet Agren and Michela Miti. Unmissable sequences.

Vieni avanti cretino

One of the most amusing movies in Italian comedy is no doubt Vieni avanti cretino, with the mythic Lino Banfi. It’s mythical also the long nude scene with Michela Miti, one of the most sensual actresses from the ’70s. Her facial expression was between ingenuous and malicious, over a pair of perfect tits and a gorgeous body. Above all, this movie review can’t be ignored by our archives. And we can’t avoid adding some fabulous clips with the beautiful Michela Miti dressed only with white panties and stockings…