Bocca bianca, bocca nera

Many of our members ask for content from the hardcore filmography with Ajita Wilson. Today they would be happy because we’re presenting the complete review and many clips from a rare movie: Bocca bianca, bocca nera, a hardcore made in the ’80s where together with Ajita is Marina Lotar, one of the myth in Italian hardcore filmography during those years. Plus, the hot and not popular Mary Ramunno.

Claude e Corinne

This movie is a classic Italian hardcore known with six different titles: Claude e Corinne, Claude e Corinne (Un Ristorante particolare), Doppio piacere, Le Pornocuoche, Un Ristorante particolare and A Special Restaurant. Wow.
This is the classic hardcore of the 80s, with a plot, dialogues and of course many sequences of sex. Claude and Corinne have a restaurant and sex and a shemale are also included in the menu.
The movie is directed by the director Giuliana Gamba under the pseudonym of Therese Dunn, the only female director in the Italian hardcore of the twentieth century.
To cheer us with sexual performances, lesbian scenes and orgies are Guia Lauri Filzi, Louise Godet, Mary Ramunno (as Mary Ramon) and Sandy Samuel.