Weeds [Season 3]

In the third season of Weeds things get really interesting! We are not talking about the plot, obviously. We are talking about nude actresses, who are really very naked this season!
First of all, finally Mary-Louise Parker takes off her clothes. She is the main actress and until now she has not yet given us any nude scene. And then there’s the full frontal of Elizabeth Perkins. Concluding the review of nude actresses Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price.

Weeds [Season 4]

Don’t get us wrong, but Mary-Louise Parker is our favorite drug dealer! We have arrived at the fourth season of Weeds and apparently it seems that the “Mary-Louise Parker nude” trend is confirmed. Last season she undressed after making us wait for two years and in this fourth season she undresses again, in a sequence of sex and in the bathtub. Good times.

Weeds [Season 5]

Fifth season of Weeds, which is confirmed as a TV series of great quality. We are here for nude actresses of course and although this series offers us nude scenes with the dropper, what we find is always very interesting.
This year we can enjoy a couple of very intriguing sequences with singer Alanis Morissette. This woman has an incredible sensuality. And then there is Mary-Louise Parker, who has decided to give us at least one nude a year.

Weeds [Season 6]

Even in Weeds‘ sixth season we can enjoy a couple of nude scenes. Only a couple, but this TV series is appreciated by us for the quality of the sequences, not for the quantity. And for the beauty of the actresses of course.
Jamie Renée Smith and Mary-Louise Parker are undressing in front of the camera, and this year she gives us her seasonal nude.

Weeds [Season 7]

Another season of Weeds, another opportunity to admire Mary-Louise Parker nude, which this time shows us a tattoo that she has made on the ass. Thanks for the nice view!
Plus, Christina Ferraro and Rachel Germaine are engaged in a topless massage. A massage with happy ending, of course.

Weeds [Season 8]

We arrived at the last season of Weeds and Mary-Louise Parker greets us giving us a full frontal in the pool. And apparently there is a shaved pussy to watch.
For sporting friends, Jessica Kiper offers us a topless skating session. We are sure that you will appreciate, as appreciated the guy who fucks her immediately afterwards.