Barbed Wire Dolls

Barbed Wire Dolls, a movie of sexploitation by Jesús Franco. This movie comes from the genre Women in Prison, commonly referred as WIP. The main character is the beautiful Lina Romay, together with beautiful nude actresses: Martine Stedil and Monica Swinn. The total nudes are many in this movie… and all clips are in HD.

Women Behind Bars

Lina Romay‘s fans are many and they would be happy for today update. We present a famous WIP-movie: Women Behind Bars. It’s another movie for the WIP genre (Women in Prison), in which there’re strips of two of icons of erotic cinema of those years: Lina Romay and Martine Stedil. As many movies by Jesus Franco, the story is built only to show some naked beauties. As a matter of fact, in this movie you can find a lot of nude skin and some lesbo scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives.

Doriana Grey

Her recent death left a gap that cannot be filled easily and we go on remember her as she liked: naked. We’re speaking of the beautiful Lina Romay, who never hide to be a great exhibitionist. Her soft body is still impressed in tons of fans’ memory, all around the world. Today we present a movie nearly hardcore, with an oral sex scene with Lina Romay and another sex scene with the beautiful Martine Stedil. The movie is Doriana Grey, and together with the two celebrities there’s also the less known Monica Swinn. There’re of course also some interesting lesbo scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives. Now in HD!