Quel movimento che mi piace tanto

Many users ask us new content on Cinzia Monreale, an actress maybe less popular than others but a cult beauty for those who like ’70s and ’80s movies. You’ll be very happy today because we present a movie very rich in nude scenes, with the beautiful Cinzia Monreale together with the famous Martine Brochard and the busty Francesca Benedetti. The title is Quel movimento che mi piace tanto, a paradise for our eyes…

Il fidanzamento

The beautiful body in the above pic is Martine Brochard’s, the main character in one of the movies we present today: Il fidanzamento. This movie contains some excellent nude scenes.


The movie we present today is Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro, the last detective story made by Umberto Lenzi. It isn’t his best detective story, maybe it is the worste, but it gives us some nude scenes with Martine Brochard, Ines Pellegrini and the beautiful Mirta Miller.

Il solco di pesca

Gloria Guida is one of the most requested actressess in emails from our members. We must agree, she’s one of the beauties of that age of Italian Sexy Comedy in which nude skin started to appear. We present today Il solco di pesca, one of her most popular movies, in which she act near a fashinating Martine Brochard. Full frontal nudes, sexy stockings and pantyhose, a little of bondage… you can’t miss the clips in our archive.


Our daily updated archives are enriched with the reviews of the erotic classical movies. In example, today we present L’attrazione, with the beautiful Florence Guerin as the main character. Together with her, a mature but always sexy Martine Brochard… she needs only a pair of stockings and we immediatly remember the exciting woman she is. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

A Spiral of Mist

An Italian beauty and three nude French actresses. These are the sensual ingredients of our last update: some videos from the movie A Spiral of Mist. Stripping in front of the camera are four beautiful actresses: Eleonora Giorgi, Martine Brochard, Claude Jade and Carole Chauvet. Many total nudes in this thriller by Eriprando Visconti, a director who had already given us excellent naked sequences in his other films, as Malamore, La Orca and Oedipus Orca. An unforgettable update. Eleonora Giorgi nude is fabulous. And the others are not far behind.

Riot in a Women's Prison

Riot in a Women’s Prison is a classic of the genre Women in Prison and shows some fabulous nude actresses. Body inspections, masturbations under the shower, strip-teases… This movie gives the collectors of nude celebrities many interesting scenes, interpreted by cult actresses: Martine Brochard, Marilù Tolo, Cristina Galbó, Aliza Adar and Isabelle De Valvert. A series of beautiful scenes in our update today, you can’t miss it!

La ragazza fuoristrada

In the early 70s the director Luigi Scattini decided to face on the screen the problem of racism, which in Italy does not seem to exist, but it was only appearance. To do this, he chose the beautiful eritrean actress Zeudi Araya, who plays the wife of the protagonist in the movie La ragazza fuoristrada. He meets her in Egypt, falls in love, comes with her in Italy and here he marries her. Unfortunately, the woman encounters racism, malice and hypocrisy. Besides Zeudi Araya naked, in this film we can also enjoy a super sexy Martin Brochard, she’s dressed only with shirt and tights. And finally Lucretia Love naked.


Video clips from Paprika, one of the masterpieces by the director Tinto Brass, which were already in our archives. But today we present you these videos in HD! Many exciting scenes and lots of naked actresses: this film is set into a brothel. First of all, the busty Debora Caprioglio gaves us beautiful erotic sequences. But the list continues with Clarita Gatto, Deborah Calì, Debora Vernetti, Luciana Cirenei, Martine Brochard, Nina Soldano, Petra Scharbach, Rossana Gavinel, Tiziana D’Arcangelo and Valentine Demy. Really a must-have upgrade!