College Girl on Vacation

Today we come back to classical erotic comedy with the movie La liceale al mare con l’amica di papà, with the beautiful Cinzia De Ponti (see picture), also known as Cinzia Fiordeponti, and Sabrina Siani. They’re less popular among Italian icons of erotic comedy, but they have both a quite big group of fans. Together with them, a sensual Marisa Mell. Not nude, as always, but really sensual.

Amori, letti e tradimenti

We’re back to the ’70s with a classic and pleasant sexy comedy: Amori, letti e tradimenti. An interesting movie, besides the poor story, with many beauties. First, the beautiful Malisa Longo, then Marisa Mell and the less popular Paola Maiolini, cute and sexy. You can find a good review with many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Beast with a Gun

Today we present a cult movie from the ’70s, with the beautiful Marisa Mell. This is one of the preferred by Quentin Tarantino: Beast with a Gun (AKA The Mad Dog Killer, original title: La belva col mitra. Together with an high level of violence, the movie shows the beautiful body of the actress, with Marisa Mell totally naked. Plus: Marina Giordana nude. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Una sull’altra

Una sull’altra is also knows as Perversion Story or One on Top of the Other. Lucio Fulci is inspired by Hitchcock and Clouzot and produces a truly remarkable thriller. A man kills his asthmatic wife to defraud life insurance and live happily, but one day he goes to the night club and meets a stripper identical to his dead wife!
This is the ideal movie if you want to see Marisa Mell nude. One of the most beautiful actresses of Italian cinema between the 60s and 70s, with a fantastic body. She has undressed very little, unfortunately, and this is one of the hottest films ever in her nudography.
There are interesting sequences also for the other actress of the movie: Elsa Martinelli. And a small cameo by Malisa Longo that her fans will love.