Professione Vacanze

Professione Vacanze is an Italian TV series from 1987. A fun and carefree comedy. As for naked actresses it’s a wasted opportunity. We have Isabel Russinova, Jenny Tamburi, Laura Troschel, Mara Venier, Marina Viro and Sabrina Salerno. And no one takes off his clothes.
But the bikinis are so many and we can also enjoy the sight of some nice ass.

Tutti in palestra

Tutti in palestra was made in 1987, but was broadcast on television only in 1989. It’s a series in three episodes that takes place in a gym. The topic is simple: the love and romantic adventures of the gym goers.
We are particularly interested in the gym visitors, because they are some of the most beautiful and sensual celebrities of that period. The names? Jenny Tamburi, Mara Venier, Marina Viro, Pamela Prati and Sabrina Salerno.
You would have liked to have a card for this gym, right?