Abbronzatissimi 2 – Un anno dopo

The sequel of Abbronzatissimi, even if the stories are brand new and not connected with the first movie. Yeah, a weird sequel. Who cares, the important thing are the nude celebrities. Four hot nude actresses for our eyes: Barbara Cavallari, Eva Grimaldi, Marina Occhiena and Vanessa Gravina. You’d love the clips in our archive.


In the 80s several movies were filmed on the beaches during the holiday period. A bit of humorous jokes and lots of beautiful girls in bikinis were the main ingredients.
Without a doubt, Chewingum is one of our favorites. The plot is similar to that of almost all other films of this genre, but in this we can find Isabella Ferrari, naked, young and beautiful. If you love MILFs instead, you will be satisfied thanks to the presence of Marina Occhiena naked.