Albergo a ore

Albergo a ore AKA Ninfomania albergo a ore is a classic italian hardcore with three classic hardcore actresses: Marina Lotar, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi and Sandy Samuel. The plot is a bit ‘confusing. Marina Lotar is in a hotel, then goes to the disco, finds a man and takes him to the hotel. Sandy Samuel is the maid. A dirty maid obviously. She spies on couples having sex, then has sex with them. In one of these couples there is Sabrina Mastrolorenzi… and in short, it’s a porn movie, the plot is not important.

Attenti a quelle due ninfomani

Despite of the title (which in Italian translates “Beware of those two nymphomaniacs”), the nymphomaniacs in this movie are more than two. This beautiful porn movie of the early 80s has a very respectable cast, with the most popular Italian pornstars of the time: Guia Lauri Filzi, Marina Lotar, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi, Sandy Samuel and Sonia Bennett.
In addition, Marcella Petrelli, an actress who has never filmed hardcore sequences, but who often hung out in these films and had a large number of fans.

Bocca bianca, bocca nera

Many of our members ask for content from the hardcore filmography with Ajita Wilson. Today they would be happy because we’re presenting the complete review and many clips from a rare movie: Bocca bianca, bocca nera, a hardcore made in the ’80s where together with Ajita is Marina Lotar, one of the myth in Italian hardcore filmography during those years. Plus, the hot and not popular Mary Ramunno.

Calda pioggia di sesso

A family of voyeurs invites friends home and then spy on them while they fuck. Usually, they join their friends after a few minutes of spying. Classic Italian hardcore with an essential plot and lots of sex. The most famous actresses are the legendary Marina Lotar and Manya. Other performers of sexual performances are the beautiful Laura Valérie, Marie Noelly and Pénélope Valentin. In the film there is almost everything: oral, anal, threesome, lesbian… and so on.

Con la zia non è peccato

Today we present another movie from the great Marina Lotar‘s filmography (or Marina Hedman, or another of its many aliases). We’re introducing Con la zia non è peccato, a softcore erotic comedy with the beautiful Marina, together with Antonella Antinori, with a long lesbo scene, too.

Emanuelle in America

Laura GemserLorraine De SelleMarina LotarPaola SenatoreCristina MinutelliMaria Renata FrancoEleni StavrouMaria Pia RegoliGota GobertRenate Kasché and Stefania Nocilli, all in the same movie! A dream? No, that’s real! This film is Emanuelle in America and it is one of the best. An explosive Laura Gemser, Paola Senatore at her best, Stefania Nocilli acting as a model and Marina Lother uncredited, she’s running away from a false Tarzan. Also, a very sexy Lorraine De Selle nude and bisex, uncredited. Softcore, hardcore, lesbo, oral sex, masturbation… You can not miss these clips from the uncut version.

Finalmente Marina

The last hardcore appearance of Marina Lotar. Totally amateurish and with the participation of some of her fans. Marina has now passed widely into the mature category, maybe older. The movie is exciting and a bit sad, but it’s the last chance to see a porn movie with Marina.
A couple of fans visit her house and she fucks them without problems. This is true dedication for the admirers!

Gegé Bellavita

The seventies was a golden age: in a movie you could find even 7 nude celebrities! As in the movie Gegé Bellavita, where we can admire many actresses’ nude skins. Some of them became myths, as the fabulous Ria De Simone or the future pornstar Marina Lotar. Together with them, Lina Polito, Gabriella Di Luzio, Laura Trotter, Maria Pia Conte and Marisa Laurito. A very interesting movie for the collectors of nude celebrities, for which we present a complete review and and some very interesting clips.

Il mondo porno di due sorelle

Il mondo porno di due sorelle (literally The Pornographic World of Two Sisters) has an hardcore title but it isn’t an hardcore movie. It is an erotic movie and a good work by Franco Rossetti. In this movie we can see a sexy Sherry Buchanan and an androgin Paola Montenero. There is a scene with the mythical Marina Lotar, too. You can read a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Images in a Convent

It is hard to speak about the genre called nunsploitation (also called tonaca-movie in Italy), without mentioning the famous Images in a Convent by the master Joe D’Amato. He signed this movie thrice: with the alias Tom Salima for subject, as Aristide Massaccesi and for photography direction and as Joe D’Amato as director.
This movie is between hard and softcore and was immediatly censored in Italy, so the most widespread version was of about 68 minutes. This movie came also with a difference from the movies of the time in which hard scenes were added in a second time; here hard scenes were cut.
The main characters, wiht very interesting scenes, are the mythical Paola Senatore and Marina Lotar (here with the alias Marina Hedman).

La bottega del piacere

From the end of the 70s up to the early 90s Arduino Sacco has shot almost a hundred films, sometimes with his name, sometimes with pseudonyms (such as Hard Sac and Dudy Stee). Most of these films were erotic or pornographic. Some are real classics of Italian adult cinema, such as La bottega del piacere, interpreted by four hardcore stars: Caroline Laurie, Ilona Staller (AKA Cicciolina), Marina Lotar and Moana Pozzi.
Little plot and lots of sexual action, with these actresses who are dedicated to the whole sample of mainstream porn, from blowjobs to threesomes.

La compagna di viaggio

Annamaria Rizzoli, Annie Belle, Marina Lotar, a young and hardly recognizable Moana Pozzi, and a very young Serena Grandi… How many movies we’re speaking of? Only one: La compagna di viaggio. It is one of those movies that shows a lot of nude celebrities. An update you can’t miss, a classical among our updates: many content and high quality!

La perdizione

Marina Lotar has made many porn movies. Really many. And with so many different pseudonyms. His real name is Marina Hedman, but we are used to calling her Lotar. But she also used Marina Chantal, Marina Lotta, Marina Hedman Bellis or simply Marina.
La perdizione is a classic porn with a very reduced plot. The actors basically spend time juggling between canon sex, anal sex, blowjobs, orgies… In short, you know what happens in porn movies!

La pretora

La Pretora is our preferred movie with Edwige Fenech. There are many nude scenes and a hard erotism. Some highly erotic scenes with the beautiful Edwige and among these, one with Edwige and Marina Lotar together nude on the bed, dressed as Snow White and the bad queen. You can’t loose the sequence in which Edwige is dressed only with a pantyhose, whitout panties.


Today we present an update with three beauties. They are together in the movie Libidine, an erotic cult movie from the ’70s with Marina Lotar, Cinzia De Carolis and Ajita Wilson. The story isn’t very good but erotic scenes are quite interesting. There is an homage to Last Tango in Paris with a… butter scene. You can find in our archives a new update with a complete movie review of Libidine, and many clips to illustrate it.

Notti porno nel mondo

Again Laura Gemser nude in HD videos. And still taken from a rather rare movie. After the videos taken from Prostitution International, today we present video clips from Notti porno del mondo, a pseudo documentary about night vicious around the world, a movie in which Laura Gemser introduces the various sequences. In addition to her, we underline the presence of another icon of naked cinema: Marina Lotar, who performs in a long strip. The only flaw of this transposition in HD is a dubbing with the Italian and German languages overlapping, but it’s almost tolerable. Another fabulous update for lovers of nude celebrities.


Another date with the best age of hardcore. As we announced a few days ago, we started having regular updates on classical hardcore movies every 10-15 days. Today we present Osceno, in which the popular Marina Lotar and Karin Schubert gave their best. The plot is very simple: two bored women meet every week to tell their sexual dreams. Their voices are only an introduction, fortunately these dreams can be watched on the screen.

Play Motel

We’re always looking for rare movies and today we present a really rare one: Play Motel, an erotic detective story with some hardcore shadows. Among the main characters, there are three beautiful women: Annamaria Rizzoli, Marina Lotar, Patrizia Bhen, Patrizia Webley and Ulla Johannsen. Marina Lotar is the one who gives more in terms of nude skin but also the others are quite undressed, especially a pair of close up between the Webley’s legs. The complete movie review and some clips are in today update, finally in HD!

Quello strano desiderio

Quello strano desiderio is a very high level Z-movie. Two aliens participate in a television competition (TV of their planet of course) and win a trip to the planet earth, hosted in the body of two accountants from Bari (!). On our planet they will begin to learn our traditions, but especially to admire a lot of naked women!
The aliens will have the pleasure of meeting many queens of the Italian erotic cinema (and French cinema too): Dirce Funari, Marina Lotar, Leda Simonetti, Antonella Antinori, Giada Gerini, Maria D’Alessandro, Pauline Teutscher
Our favorite scene? A beautiful lesbian sequence of Leda Simonetti, in which we admire, among other things, a perfect ass and sexy black stockings.

Satan's Baby Doll

A sexploitation horror-demoniac-erotic movie from the early ’80s, directed by Mario Bianchi and full of beautiful nudes. The movie title is Satan’s Baby Doll (AKA A Girl for Satan) and we can see, completely nude, Mariangela Giordano, Jaqueline Dupré and the mythical Marina Lotar, here with the nickname Marina Hedmann.

The Beast in Space

Tits and spaceships! Our nerd and geek friends will be glad of this batch. Plus, if we’re speaking of Sirpa Lane nude and Marina Lotar‘s boobs, the union is more interesting. The movie we’re presenting today is The Beast in Space, a work that tried to unify two successes in the same movie. On one hand, the success of The Beast directed by Walerian Borowczyk and with Sirpa Lane as the main character; on the other hand the return of the space genre, thanks to Star Wars, made a few years before. Furthermore, the director Alfonso Brescia had some costumes and accessories used for some science fiction movies of the ’70s, so they don’t make long discussions on the genre. The Beast in Space is a milestone in the ‘genre movies’: sex, science fiction, some Western style fistfights and even some hardcore scene in the uncut version.