A young peasant girl is tired of country life and goes to the city. She wants to forget the work in the farm and her boring boyfriend. In the city she meets Frank and falls in love with him. But Frank likes women. Every women. And he’s not an example of loyalty.
A nice softcore movie by the director Joseph W. Sarno, who made the scenes with real sex and then cut the hardcore parts during editing. In this way the actors have true expressions of enjoyment even if it’s a softcore movie. Here we are at the levels of Kubrik and Ėjzenštejn!
The protagonist is played by the Swedish Marie Forså, which we remember especially in the movie Flossie. And then there are Heidi Kappler, Irene Wendlin, Nadia Henkowa and Zoe Hendry. Many nude sequences and all very exciting.


Marie Forså, whose real name is Inga, was a softcore / hardcore actress in the 70’s. This fabulous Swedish actress became famous despite her few movies, about ten works between 1972 and 1979. Few titles, but known to almost all fans of the genre. Blonde, blue eyes, a sensual and innocent face… Marie Forså made many people fall in love in the 70s.
Young Flossie arrives in Stockholm, where she meets a young embassy employee. Together with her friend Eva (Kim Frank), she will be introduced into the world of pleasure. A hardcore movie with exciting and delicate sequences… and some great blowjobs!

Immoral Tales

Immoral Tales by Walerian Borowcyz is composed by four different episodes, during four different ages. In this movie Borowcyz shows his talent in presenting erotism and sensuality with many fabulous actresses: Lise Danvers, Charlotte Alexandra, Paloma Picasso, Florence Bellamy, Pascale Christophe and Marie Forså.