To Forget Venice

Eleonora Giorgi nude and Mariangela Melato nude: can you ask for more? It was 1979 and the director, Franco Brusati, gave us some unforgettable nude scenes with these two actresses at the top of their beauty. The movie is To Forget VeniceMariangela Melato and Eleonora Giorgi nude in the same room have a great erotic power and you can’t ignore it. It’s a fundamental chapter in nude cinema, another update you can’t loose. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Eye of the Cat

It is with great sorrow that we learn today of the death of an important actress and woman from Italian cinema: Mariangela Melato. We’d like to remember her in all her beauty and elegance, with these scenes from Eye of the Cat, where she played together with Erika Blanc and Loredana Berté.