Melissa P.

Melissa P. has been a discussed movie for long. The story was taken from a discussed book, too. Someone said this movie was only a commercial situation to surf the success originated by the book. Someone said it was a scandalous movie but full of pathos. We decided not to say anything about but give you a complete review, data and some clips with the clever actress Maria Valverde totally naked.

The Limehouse Golem

A series of homicide alarms a small community. People, frightened, think that it is a legendary creature reappeared in obscure times – the Golem. All very interesting, but certainly we would not have talked about this movie if there was not a naked celebrity, at least! In this case, this is the Spanish María Valverde, who shows us her beautiful body on several occasions. Twelve years have passed since she starred in the scandal movie Melissa P. and today is more beautiful then ever.