Che dottoressa, ragazzi!

Che dottoressa, ragazzi! isn’t the best among Italian sexy comedies, but it let us see the beautiful Maria Pia Conte‘s nude body. Together with her, another icon from the erotic movies: Femi Benussi. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Gegé Bellavita

The seventies was a golden age: in a movie you could find even 7 nude celebrities! As in the movie Gegé Bellavita, where we can admire many actresses’ nude skins. Some of them became myths, as the fabulous Ria De Simone or the future pornstar Marina Lotar. Together with them, Lina Polito, Gabriella Di Luzio, Laura Trotter, Maria Pia Conte and Marisa Laurito. A very interesting movie for the collectors of nude celebrities, for which we present a complete review and and some very interesting clips.

Moglie nuda e siciliana

Good news for vintage nude celebrities lovers. In today update we present a quite rare movie, Moglie nuda e siciliana, rich of generous nudes. The actresses shown here, totally naked, are the beautiful Christiana Borghi and Maria Pia Conte. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives, daily updated.

My Father's Nurse

Daniela Giordano enjoys us with a fabulous striptease and Maria Pia Conte naked in the straw has fun with a groom. These are just a couple of sequences taken from a sexy Italian style comedy, My Father’s Nurse (AKA L’infermiera… di mio padre). Many nudes, many scenes with lingerie, many content for the lovers of nude celebrities.

The Arena

In 1974 the director Steve Carter, together with Joe D’Amato, made a movie on the events after Spartacus by Stanley Kubrick: The Arena (AKA La rivolta delle gladiatrici). In the English version, the direction was signed as by Carver alone, while for the Italian version Aristide MassacesiJoe D’Amato‘s real name – used one of his many alias: Michael Wotruba. The movie isn’t boring but it isn’t a masterpiece. The beautiful Pam Grier, the queen of blackspoitation, adds beauty to the scenes. Her big tits and those of other actresses are our main interest. Not only Pam Grier nude, but also other fabulous actresses: Maria Pia ConteMarie Louise SinclairLucretia Love and Margaret Markov. A triumph of nude celebrities, an update you can’t miss.