Belli e brutti ridono tutti

Italian comedy composed of four episodes. Unfortunately, the numerous actresses do not give us great satisfaction as regards bare skin. The only ones to give us something are Daniela Poggi and María Baxa, who make us see her breasts. Too bad, because we would have expected a lot from this film.


It’s a long time since we spoke about Decamerotic, a film genre that rages in Italy in the 70s and who presented a lot of nude actresses to the public. Today we present Boccaccio, a fundamental chapter of this genre, which takes its title by the author of the Decameron. And the story, of course, is inspired by the short stories of the Florentine writer. Many actresses strips in front of the camera and they are all interesting: Antonia Santilli, Maria Baxa, Pia Giancaro and the mythical Isabella Biagini and Sylva Koscina.

Candido Erotico

Even a stallon in a nightclub in Holland can fall in love with a delicate and sweet girl. He can even think to leave his life as a playboy and marry her. The trouble comes when the first night he realizes he suffer for an impotence. The only solution is being watched while he has sex, as when he worked in nightclubs. But does she agree? This is the plot in today movie: Candido Erotico (AKA The Exhibitionists), with three excellent beauties: Lilli Carati, Maria Baxa and Ajita Wilson. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives.

Incontri molto ravvicinati del quarto tipo

Today we speak of a super-cult from the fanta-porn in Italy, Incontri molto… ravvicinati del quarto tipo. All those who like the beautiful Maria Baxa will be happy with this update. Content with this actress is quite difficult to be found, but we found out this stripping of her, in front of the aliens. Also: soft lesbo scenes with Monica Zanchi and other nice nude scenes from Marina Daunia. A quite rare and nice movie…

Per amore di Poppea

Ancient Rome has always given a lot of ideas for the Italian nude comedy. An example is the movie we’re presenting today: Per amore di Poppea. A movie with Maria Baxa nude and gorgeous. This movie was already in our archives, but now we added some new clips, with high resolution. Maria Baxa’s fans and all the nude cinema belovers will enjoy this unmissable update from CinemaCult!