A doppia faccia

A doppia faccia tells the story of a millionaire who discovers that his wife is a lesbian and – spoiler alert – kills her. We are in 1969 and Riccardo Freda gives us this beautiful thriller with three fabulous nude actresses: Barbara Nelli, Christiane Krüger and Margaret Lee.


A musician finds the corpse of a beautiful woman on the beach. But it’s not really a corpse. It could be a ghost… or a zombie… In fact, the woman returns from the underworld to take revenge on the group of rich sadists responsible for his death.
A beautiful movie by the great Jesús Franco with two fabulous nude actresses: Margaret Lee and Maria Rohm. If you are fascinated by looking at Maria Rohm naked, the sequences taken from this movie are for you. In USA the movie is known with the title Venus in Furs, but the story has nothing to do with the films of the same name by Massimo Dallamano and Roman Polanski.

Slaughter Hotel

Do you prefer Rosalba Neri or Margaret Lee‘s total naked bodies? Or a lesbo scene with Jane Garret and Monica Strebel? Thanks to our update dedicated to the movie Slaughter Hotel (AKA Asylum Erotica, AKA La bestia uccide a sangue freddo) you can find all these and more. You’ll find a lot of clips from the uncut version of the movie, with pussy close-up sequences, to illustrate a complete movie review. Another update you can’t loose! Now in HD!

The Rogue

Other rare sequences taken from a rare film. We are talking about The Rogue, whose original title is Nokaut. It is a dramatic film of 1971, made by the Slavic director Boro Draskovic. In the cast, two fabulous actresses: Barbara Bouchet and Margaret Lee.
The video sequences are unfortunately not of the highest quality, but they are unmissable for the Barbara Bouchet fans; in this film she’s particularly naughty.