Attenti a quelle due ninfomani

Despite of the title (which in Italian translates “Beware of those two nymphomaniacs”), the nymphomaniacs in this movie are more than two. This beautiful porn movie of the early 80s has a very respectable cast, with the most popular Italian pornstars of the time: Guia Lauri Filzi, Marina Lotar, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi, Sandy Samuel and Sonia Bennett.
In addition, Marcella Petrelli, an actress who has never filmed hardcore sequences, but who often hung out in these films and had a large number of fans.

Deep Thoughts

There are a lot of nude celebrities sites, but only one offers hundreds of scenes from very rare movies and movies you’ve never heard of: it’s CinemaCult. Even if we often offer all the nude scenes from the contemporary cinema and tv serials, our main task are always the nude italian celebrities between the ’70s and ’80s. Among those, one of the celebrities we prefer is Marcella Petrelli, one of the most requested by our members. Today we present her in some scenes from a very rare movie – so rare that most of you ignore it exists. The movie is Deep Thoughts. There are some unforgettable scenes from this softcore movie and Marcella Petrelli‘s followers would be glad to see them in our archives. Plus, in this movie there are other nude celebrities. In example, we can’t forget the lesbo scene with Laura Levi, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi and Louise Lovelace. And if it isn’t enough, you’ll like the scenes with Ajita Wilson and Nicole Segaud. An update you can’t loose! (more…)

Desideria: La vita interiore

Stefania Sandrelli in a threesome sex scene with Marcella Petrelli. It looks like the erotic dream of a collector of nude actresses, but this sequence really exists and it comes frome the very rare Desideria: La vita interiore. The majority of nudes in this movie are by another cult actress: Lara Wendel. Total nudes, pantyhose, threesome… nothing is missed in this film. Don’t lose these videos!

Flying Sex

Today we present some new rare sequences. Many people ask for clips with Eveline Barrett naked from the film Flying Sex, a hardcore movie from the 80s, a movie highly desired by collectors. And we now present it, but let us explain a couple of things. Eveline Barrett and Brenda Shington, the two protagonists of this film, do not exist. These are the pseudonyms of two cult actresses: Stefania D’Amario and Marcella Petrelli. Marcella Petrelli is also known as Marcella Petri. This was good news, but the bad news concerns the hardcore scenes of these two actresses, that does not really exist, but they are clips of anonymous actresses inserted during the assembly of this movie, as often did in those years. However, the softcore scenes would not disappoint you, in example Marcella Petrelli who masturbates a bottle of champagne and then pours it on her body to have it licked… The cast of nude actresses nude includes also Adriana Giuffrè.

I carabbimatti

In 1981 the movie I carabbimatti arrived at cinema, directed by Giuliano Carnimeo. The film staged some of the numerous jokes dedicated to one of the Italian armies: the carabinieri. In the first half of the 80s comedies dedicated to this subject were very many in Italy, almost always with a very poor plot and a few laughs. We remember this movie for the two naked actresses who appear in the film, both very popular with our users. The first is Licinia Lentini, a busty brunette, and who rarely showed her nude body. The second is Marcella Petrelli, a cult actress, with a small number of fans, but much loved among the estimators of nude cinema.

Il Ladrone

Here at CinemaCult we love nude celebrities as much as our members. So that, we do not only upgrade our archives with new clips, but also restore or substitute the old videos with newest and higher quality content. An example is the group of clips we’re presenting today, with the beautiful Edwige Fenech nude, from the movie Il ladrone. Other nude celebrities in this movie: Bernadette Lafont, Auretta Gay and Marcella Petrelli.
This movie, in our archives for years, today is presented with higher quality and bigger videos. It’s a real pleasure to see the beautiful Edwige Fenech naked and sexy, while she’s running on the beach, especially in those moments in which the dress flyes away and she shows all, totally naked…

Il marito in vacanza

Lilli Carati is an icon and doesn’t need we present her. Her name is one of the most requested and among the most beloved by our members. So we always try to find new content with her. Today we present a very nice movie in which Lilli Carati is together with a beautiful Cinzia De Ponti. The movie is Il marito in vacanza. You can see fabulos nudes and very sexy scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily update.

Impariamo ad amarci

Who’s desperately looking for the rare scenes with Marcella Petrelli nude, is happy today with the video clips we’re presenting. They come from the movie Impariamo ad amarci: guida all’educazione sessuale and has a good quality. The movies with Marcella Petrelli (AKA Marcella Petri) are all almost rare and the quality of video clips is often bad, but not for this movie. The movie is an explitation-documentary made with some boring explanations of an annoying sexuologist with illustrative sex scenes. Marcella Petrelli here is a frigid woman who can heal thanks to anal massages (!). In the same movie we can admire another celebrity with many followers: Zaira Zoccheddu, but unfortunately she doesn’t strip here.

La liceale, il diavolo e l’acquasanta

La liceale, il diavolo e l’acquasanta is an episodic film starring the fabulous Gloria Guida. Unfortunately, the scenes with Gloria Guida nude are very few, but there is no lack of scenes in the bathtub, supersexy sequences, dances with tight-fitting suits and bathrobes that open… In addition, a couple of intriguing scenes are played by Marcella Petrelli, an actress much loved by lovers of Italian nude cinema of the 70s.

La moglie in vacanza… l'amante in città

La moglie in vacanza… l’amante in città is a movie with a few nude skin even if the two actresses on the film poster are two queens of the nude cinema: Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet. There are a great many of sexy scenes, but a little number of nudes. Anyway, there’s a fabulous scene with Edwige Fenech nude, with black stockings and nude breast. Gorgeous. There are also a few seconds with Barbara Bouchet nude, but for almost the whole movie this blonde queen of cinema has only scenes with a stunning lingerie. Even a little cameo of a cult celebrity from the ’80s Italian Cinema: Marcella Petrelli. You can find the nude scenes in our daily updated archives, together with a complete movie review.

Lilli Carati's Dreams

Just before her hardcore years, Lilli Carati played in a softcore movie that was distributed only in the home video market, titled Lilli Carati’s Dreams. Extremely rare, this film marks the passage of this icon of Italian cinema from the mainstream to the hardcore and is highly required by her fans. Not only Lilli Carati‘s fans, but also the prosperous Marcella Petrelli‘s followers. Lesbian scenes in the bathtub, masturbation and total naked scenes are the only plot of this film. Yet another exclusive update of CinemaCult. The clips taken from this movie are in our archives.


Nathalie, also known as Natali, also known as Adorable et sensuelle Nathalie, also known by another dozen titles, is an erotic movie between softcore and hardcore.
Nathalie is played by Marcella Petrelli, an actress who is little known but with many admirers, especially in Italy. In the movie there is a bit of everything: oral sex, blowjobs, lesbian scenes, penetrations… Unfortunately, Marcella Petrelli only plays softcore scenes.
There are two other actresses: the almost unknown Grazia de Giorgi and the pornstar Pauline Teutscher, who shot a lot of softcore and hardcore movies between the 70s and 80s.

Noi e l'amore

Noi e l’amore – comportamento sessuale variante (AKA Mutant Sexual Behaviour) is a sequel of Impariamo ad amarci and is a kind of documentary that looks at various sexual pratices. Among a big group of totally unknown actresses we underline the presence of Marcella Petrelli nude and playing a mistress role, commanding his servant as if he were a dog. Even in this sequel there is Zaira Zoccheddu. This time she’s nude.


Penombra is the third title of a trilogy made by Bruno Gaburro where the main character is the soft skin of Paola Senatore. It’s a movie realized putting together different scenes from the first two movies (Maladonna and Malombra). Plus, he added a new part. There are many nudes, full frontal too. The stripping actresses are: Paola Senatore, Claudia Cavalcanti, Marcella Petrelli and a very young Carmen Di Pietro.

The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra

Scenes with nude celebrities from very rare films: this is what we show you every day. The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra, in example, is a very rare movie with Marcella Petrelli naked and unleashed. And not just her. From the intriguing Rita Silva to Monica Zanchi in a brunette version, via Nadine Roussial and the unknown Franca Torlone, who starred in this film only. Masturbation and lesbian scenes for a softcore that has entered the myth although it has been seen by very few people.