Colpo Grosso: Manya

We’ve another new update on the cult tv show Colpo Grosso. After Monique Sluyter‘s monography, it is time we present Manya, today a very famous pornstar. She appeared many time in this show at the end of the nineties, as one of the competitors. In our archives you can find a complete article and many clips to illustrate it.

Calda pioggia di sesso

A family of voyeurs invites friends home and then spy on them while they fuck. Usually, they join their friends after a few minutes of spying. Classic Italian hardcore with an essential plot and lots of sex. The most famous actresses are the legendary Marina Lotar and Manya. Other performers of sexual performances are the beautiful Laura Valérie, Marie Noelly and Pénélope Valentin. In the film there is almost everything: oral, anal, threesome, lesbian… and so on.