Adolescenza perversa

Femi Benussi and Malisa Longo, two queens of Italian nude cinema of the 70s. Their presence in any film is a guarantee to see naked actresses on the screen. But in Adolescenza perversa the enjoyment is greater, because the two actresses engage in a lesbian scene. Nude clips from this movie are unmissable and can be found in our archives.

Amori, letti e tradimenti

We’re back to the ’70s with a classic and pleasant sexy comedy: Amori, letti e tradimenti. An interesting movie, besides the poor story, with many beauties. First, the beautiful Malisa Longo, then Marisa Mell and the less popular Paola Maiolini, cute and sexy. You can find a good review with many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Carabinieri si nasce

In Italy, between the ‘70s and the ‘80s, many comedy movies had been produced, consisting in a serie of events inspired by jokes dedicated to one of the Italian armies and that is the carabinieri. Some time ago we talked about the movie I carabbimatti, but today it is the turn of the movie Carabinieri si nasce. Unfortunately these films were not particularly funny, but they had the advantage to include some naked actresses. In this film, in example, we can admire Malisa Longo, Cinzia de Ponti and Tinì Cansino, three myths of Italian cinema.

Decameron Proibitissimo

After the updates dedicated to hardcore cults, we’re back with the sexy comedy and today we speak again of the decamerotic genre. Today we present the movie Decameron Proibitissimo. An amazing movie with a great many of beauties: Bruna Beani, Carla Mancini, Eleonora Vivaldi, Krista Nell, Letizia Lehir, Malisa Longo, Marzia Damon
A movie you can’t loose. In our archives you can find a complete review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it.

Emanuelle bianca e nera

We’re back with new clips from a very rare movie: Emanuelle bianca e nera. The two Emanuelle are interpreted by Malisa Longo and Rita Manna. We can put this movie among those coming from the success of the Black Emanuelle, with Laura Gemser, and from the other success of Emmanuelle with Sylvia Kristel. Emanuelle bianca e nera is a really rare movie, but a cult movie for all the Malisa Longo‘s belovers. In this movie the beautiful Malisa Longo plays in many full frontals. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Fraulein Kitty

These days we’re taking care of our members more than usual, we’re working to satisfy some requests of special content. We go back to the 70s with one of the most popular actresses among our users: Malisa Longo.
Today we present the movie Elsa Fräulein SS, in which we can admire her in many ways and many nude scenes. In our daily update you can find the complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg

Today the many fans of Malisa Longo and Patrizia Gori would be happy because today update is dedicated to these beauty… You can find the complete review and many clips from the rare movie Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg. You can see hot interesting scenes with total nudes… Many hot scenes!

La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia

We can’t forget the beautiful Edwige Fenech for long, she’s always the most famous icon from the Italian erotic comedy. Today we present the decamerotic La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia, where she is together with a cothers hot nude actresses: Lucretia Love, Malisa Longo, Dada Gallotti and Josiane Tanzilli. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La dottoressa ci sta col colonnello

A classic Italian sexy comedy, with two actresses who were at the top in those years: Malisa Longo and Nadia Cassini (whose real name is Gianna Lou Müller).
It was said that Nadia Cassini had the most beautiful ass in the world. We can not swear that it was the most beautiful in the world, but without a doubt it was in the first places of the hit parade.
If you want to have a personal opinion about how good was her ass, this film offers you several sequences to think about.

La ragazza di nome Giulio

In the seventies, the homosexual themes dealt with by this film caused a scandal, no longer today, but still remain current. La ragazza di nome Giulio tells us the story of a girl trying to find her sexual balance after an experience at a young age with the family maid.
The main protagonist is Silvia Dionisio, the maid is Anna Moffo and there is a small scene for the legendary Malisa Longo too.

La signora dell'Orient Express

La signora dell’Orient Express is one of the last films interpreted by the legendary Malisa Longo, it is very rare and is full of fabulous nude scenes. Malisa Longo undresses and makes us dream, in her beautiful, forty-years-old soft body with sweet curves. From the shower to the foot rubbed under the table on the flap of a man’s flap, from the stripteases to a voyeur husband, nothing really misses to excite the audience. One of the most frequently requested updates by our members.


Italy, early 50s. A prosperous and uninhibited innkeeper awaits the return of her husband, lost in war. While waiting, the innkeeper goes to bed with several men in love with her.
The name of the innkeeper is Miranda and she’s played by Serena Grandi. With this movie, the prosperous Serena gains notoriety. Although she had already played in about fifteen films, it was with this Tinto Brass movie that her name began to travel around the world. Many unmissable sequences, including a scene in which Serena Grandi picks up her partner’s cock.
Along with Serena Grandi there is also an appearance by Malisa Longo, who participates in a threesome.


Today we present some celebrities nude and in rare scenes. That’s what we show for the past years. And nothing gonna stop us now. Today, for example, we present some very interesting sequences from a film from the French erotic comedy, Q with one of the erotic icons of Italian cinema: Malisa Longo. It is a film with many nude celebrities, among which Anne LibertAntonia LotitoNanette CoreyFrédérique BarralClaudine Beccarie and Corinne O’Brien. A long list to suit all tastes.

Ricco the Mean Machine

Paola Senatore naked, Barbara Bouchet nude and Malisa Longo naked. A trio of Italian cinema icons naked, but also an international one. They are all the main characters of the film Ricco the Mean Machine and they all three are naked in front of the camera. Barbara Bouchet performs a stunning striptease, Malisa Longo states topless or in bikinis for most of the movie and Paola Senatore gives us a beautiful scene of classic sex in bed. Three nude actresses that you can enjoyed in the video clips in our archives.

Salon Kitty

A big parade of nude celebrities in HD. Salon Kitty is on of the most controversial movies by Tinto Brass. It is based on the novel by Peter Norden, with long sex scenes and many of the actresses we like. Paola SenatoreMalisa LongoTeresa Ann SavoyRosemarie LindtPatrizia Webley… The list of nude actresses in this movie is long. In our archives you can find a complete review and some astonishing clips, all in HD.

The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Cinema presented many versions of the castaway Robinson Crusoe, but that of the director Ken Dixon is perhaps one of the best. Or at least it is from the point of view of Robinson himself, who ends up shipwrecked on an island with beautiful naked women. Or, better, naked actresses, to enjoy our users. An exceptional cast, with some undisputed icons of naked cinema starting with Malisa Longo to Paola Maiolini and Lina Romay. Poor Robinson will meet them all, at least until the arrival of Friday, which will give him a hand. The title of this rare film is The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the list of naked actresses here is long. In addition to the three mentioned above, these are: Barbara Lee, Colette Descombes, Eva Carson, Eva Maria Gabriel, Macha Magall, Natasha Neal and Ulla La. As always, you will find the video clips from this movie in our archives.

The Girls of Don Juan

Malisa Longo naked along with a nice list of French actresses nude that will drive you go crazy. Today we present one of the films from the French period of Malisa Longo, The Girls of Don Juan, in which she plays with many beauties. You can enjoy the lesbian scenes or threesomes with Anne Libert and Monique Vita, the slutty secretary played by Michèle Perello, Karine Jeantet in the shoes of the sweet and sexy girlfriend Mimma Biscardi (here credited as Gely Genka) that masturbating during an erotic phone call. Hot scenes and new clips in our archives, that you can’t found elsewhere.

The Red Monks

A young wife, and ancient mansion, an old cult… We forgot something about this movie? Oh, yeah: Lara Wendel nude and Malisa Longo nude. The two beauties are the best part of this movie, titled I Frati Rossi (or The Red Monks, in USA). Lara Wendel full frontals are stunning and Malisa Longo MILF version is a dream for our eyes. Five stars movie. You can find the nude clips in our archives.

Una sull’altra

Una sull’altra is also knows as Perversion Story or One on Top of the Other. Lucio Fulci is inspired by Hitchcock and Clouzot and produces a truly remarkable thriller. A man kills his asthmatic wife to defraud life insurance and live happily, but one day he goes to the night club and meets a stripper identical to his dead wife!
This is the ideal movie if you want to see Marisa Mell nude. One of the most beautiful actresses of Italian cinema between the 60s and 70s, with a fantastic body. She has undressed very little, unfortunately, and this is one of the hottest films ever in her nudography.
There are interesting sequences also for the other actress of the movie: Elsa Martinelli. And a small cameo by Malisa Longo that her fans will love.