Californication [Season 1]

Hank Moody is no doubt a sort of contemporary Charles Bukowski. A lazy and cynical writer, he spends his time going around, drinking and smoking. And, of course, fucking. Hank Moody is also the main character in the tv serial that deleted from David Duchovny’s face the role of Fox Mulder from X-Files. But, above all, it’s the tv serial that shows him naked. In the first season, the nude celebrities are a lot: Alison Mei LanBrooke BannerCamille LangfieldLaura NilesMadeline ZimaMichele NordinPaula Marschal and Rachel Miner. The complete review of the first season of Californication is in our archives, together with some HD clips.

Californication [Season 3]

Hank Moody is back and together with a lot of tits. The third season of Californication isn’t so reach of nude scenes, but the ones in these season will be in your thoughts for long. In example, we can’t forget Eva Amurri Martino‘s big boobs. We’d like to see her strips again and again! Together with her, there are the beautiful Christina Ulloa and Kristine Blackport‘s nude scenes. Of course, these clips in our archives are all HD.

The Family Tree

Christina Hendricks in the elevator, with a tight pink dress that accentuates her HUGE boobs and highlights the nipples. The man standing next to her can not help but dream on what is one of the most beautiful breasts and desired of recent years movies. That’s where you’re talking about is a sequence from the film The Family Tree, in which Christina Hendricks shows us once again that manages to be exciting and provocative without taking off her clothes. In the same film, we underline the presence of an intriguing lesbian kiss between Selma Blair and Madeline Zima.


Many of you will remember Madeline Zima especially for the TV series Californication. This girl is a sexy bomb.
There are no nudes in #Stuck, but there are several sexy scenes that will appeal to all Madeline Zima fans. You will fall in love with her lingerie.