Italian members have a precise idea of Luisa Ranieri because she was in one popular TV advert. This ad was made for a famous ice tea, shows Luisa Ranieri lost on an island with his husband, complaining for warm, and after she drinks that tea, she let the pareo falling down and let us admire her long legs. If you need anything more than legs, here we are! Nude celebrities clip videos in today update are from Eros, in which the fabulous Luisa Ranieri shows her goodies on the beach and around, sexy and beautiful as ever. Together with her, many other naked celebs such as Regina Nemni and Ele Keats.

SMS – Sotto mentite spoglie

Funny Italian comedy, in which an affirmed lawyer sends an erotic sms to his best friend’s wife, convinced he had sent it to his wife. His friend’s wife is very happy with the message and wants to start a clandestine relationship. The funny thing is that the lawyer’s wife already has a relationship with her husband’s best friend. Complicated, right? But we go straight to the point: Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere and Luisa Ranieri. Beautiful and sensual.