Il Camping del Terrore

Ruggero Deodato is a myth but analyzing Il Camping del Terrore you face one of his less known movies, with some mistake in storyboard, some interesting ideas and a great plus: all the actresses strips. It starts with a young Nancy Brilli with a stunning breast. Together with her, Luisa Maneri and Cynthia Thomson. Fortunately, they like having a shower in the almost destroied showers, in an abandoned camping. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

The Last House on the Beach

In the videos we’ve added today to our archives there is a good list of nude actresses. The movie we present is The Last House on the Beach, an Italian thriller from 1978, directed by Franco Prosperi. Stripping in front of the camera there are Florinda BolkanSherry BuchananLaura Tanziani and Karina Verlier. There is also a good scene with Laura Trotter and Luisa Maneri wearing a bikini, but unfortunately there aren’t nude scenes for these actresses. Three robbers enter a female college and can’t resist temptations. Five beautiful girls and a nun, interpreted by Florinda Bolkan. You can find a complete review and the videos in our archives.