The Killer Reserved Nine Seats

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats is a thriller movie from the early ’70s. It’s quite boring but it has a sensational cast. Four italian movie icons: Paola Senatore, Janet Agren, Lucretia Love and Eva Czemerys.They all have nude scenes in this movie. A fabulous poker for nude actresses lovers. You can find a complete review and many HD clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

The Arena

In 1974 the director Steve Carter, together with Joe D’Amato, made a movie on the events after Spartacus by Stanley Kubrick: The Arena (AKA La rivolta delle gladiatrici). In the English version, the direction was signed as by Carver alone, while for the Italian version Aristide MassacesiJoe D’Amato‘s real name – used one of his many alias: Michael Wotruba. The movie isn’t boring but it isn’t a masterpiece. The beautiful Pam Grier, the queen of blackspoitation, adds beauty to the scenes. Her big tits and those of other actresses are our main interest. Not only Pam Grier nude, but also other fabulous actresses: Maria Pia ConteMarie Louise SinclairLucretia Love and Margaret Markov. A triumph of nude celebrities, an update you can’t miss.

La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia

We can’t forget the beautiful Edwige Fenech for long, she’s always the most famous icon from the Italian erotic comedy. Today we present the decamerotic La bella Antonia, prima monica e poi dimonia, where she is together with a cothers hot nude actresses: Lucretia Love, Malisa Longo, Dada Gallotti and Josiane Tanzilli. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

La ragazza fuoristrada

In the early 70s the director Luigi Scattini decided to face on the screen the problem of racism, which in Italy does not seem to exist, but it was only appearance. To do this, he chose the beautiful eritrean actress Zeudi Araya, who plays the wife of the protagonist in the movie La ragazza fuoristrada. He meets her in Egypt, falls in love, comes with her in Italy and here he marries her. Unfortunately, the woman encounters racism, malice and hypocrisy. Besides Zeudi Araya naked, in this film we can also enjoy a super sexy Martin Brochard, she’s dressed only with shirt and tights. And finally Lucretia Love naked.


Zenabel is a woman of humble origins who discovers she is actually the daughter of a Spanish nobleman killed by a ruthless killer, who stole the title. Zenabel brings together a group of friends to reclaim his title. A film between comedy and adventure, which allows us to see the fabulous Lucretia Love nude. Along with her, even the less famous Elisa Mainardi. Do not miss the video clips taken from this movie. If you want to admire Lucretia Love nude, these sequences are excellent and rare.