Black Orgasm

Nieves Navarro, AKA Susan Scott, has many fans and they would be glad to know that today update is one of the hottest movies interpreted by this actress: Black Orgasm, directed by the master Joe D’Amato. Together with her is Lucia Ramirez, and they exhibits in a lesbo scene, too. A really interesting movie, of which you can find a detailed review and some astonishing clips, coming from the uncut version of this movie.

Sexy Nights of the Living Dead

We’re always looking for rare movies and shows, so today we discovered some clips from a real cult movie directed by Joe D’Amato: Sexy Nights of the Living Dead. Erotism, horror, splatter and a rare uncut version with a bit of hardcore… and this is of course the version we have found. All in a single movie, with a fabulous group of beautiful women such as Dirce Funari, Laura Gemser and Lucia Ramirez.

Sesso nero

Sesso Nero is famous as the first hardcore distributed in Italian cinemas. Directed by Joe D’Amato in Santo Domingo, it is not a masterpiece but it is definitely a very important chapter in the genre films. The film had a plot and it was far from full-length films hardcore to which we are accustomed today, and D’Amato was beginning to experience the potential of this genre. The protagonist, suffering from a terrible disease, prostate cancer, should undergo an operation that will make him impotent. He decides to travel to Santo Domingo to meet again the woman who had been the love of his life. And, of course, to enjoy all sexual performances. In the role of the female protagonist is Annj Goren (Anna Maria Napolitano), a famous porn star from Italian porn movie during the 80s. Together with her, the less expressive Lucia Ramirez, Chantal Kubel and Sandy Samuel.

Porno Holocaust

Today we present a great classic from the ’80s hardcore: Porno Holocaust, directed by the great Joe D’Amato. The pornstar Mark Shannon plays with three different stars: Dirce Funari, Lucia Ramirez and Annj Goren. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.