A Woman of the Night

Una donna di notte is one of the most hard movies with the beautiful Lorraine De Selle, so hard that it is known also with the title I pornogiochi di una donna di notte.
In this movie there aren’t hardcore scenes but total naked actresses and erotic moments for the whole movie. Together with Lorraine, there are other amazing nude bodies, in example Ajita Wilson and Franca Mantelli‘s. It’s a stunning movie, very rare and a real cult movie. You can find a complete review in our daily updated archives and many clips to illustrate it.

Dove vai in vacanza?

Many celebrities in today update, thanks to a movie that was very generous in offering us nude skin: Dove vai in vacanza?. It is composed by three episodes with three main actors (Ugo Tognazzi, Alberto Sordi and Paolo Villaggio) surrounded by many beauties, from Lory Del Santo to Stefania Sandrelli, from Annamaria Rizzoli to Lorraine De Selle, from Clara Colosimo to Rita Silva. As usual, you can find in our archives a complete review and some interesting clips.

Emanuelle in America

Laura GemserLorraine De SelleMarina LotarPaola SenatoreCristina MinutelliMaria Renata FrancoEleni StavrouMaria Pia RegoliGota GobertRenate Kasché and Stefania Nocilli, all in the same movie! A dream? No, that’s real! This film is Emanuelle in America and it is one of the best. An explosive Laura Gemser, Paola Senatore at her best, Stefania Nocilli acting as a model and Marina Lother uncredited, she’s running away from a false Tarzan. Also, a very sexy Lorraine De Selle nude and bisex, uncredited. Softcore, hardcore, lesbo, oral sex, masturbation… You can not miss these clips from the uncut version.

House on the Edge of the Park

This movie is a real parade of nude beauties. It is La casa sperduta nel parco (AKA House on the Edge of the Park), in which our eyes are full of the nude beauties of the gorgeous Annie BelleBrigitte PetronioMarie Claude Joseph and Lorraine De Selle.

Il ginecologo della mutua

Here is one of the most ‘strong’ movies with Renzo Montagnani, with the direction of Joe D’Amato. The jokingly Renzo Montagnani is surrounded by many beauties, all staying in his medical office, he is a gynecologist. This movie, Il ginecologo della mutua, has a big list of beauties: Paola Senatore, Isabella Biagini, Loretta Persichetti, Daniela Doria, Dirce Funari… and so more!

La Liceale seduce i professori

La Liceale seduce i professori deserves a view even for the beautiful and big tits of Donatella Damiani, one of our favorite actresses in Italian cinema of the 70s. But if her tits were not enough, we add Gloria Guida nude and Lorraine De Selle, obviously naked too. An unmissable update for lovers of nude actresses.

Madness – Vacanze per un massacro

The movie Vacanze per un massacro by Fernando Di Leo is known also as Madness, a title that was given one year later after the first great flop. This isn’t one of the best productions for Fernando Di Leo but it shows a fabulous Lorraine De Selle naked and with very intriguing scenes. Full frontal nude! Plus, Patrizia Behn nude.

Women's Prison Massacre

Everywhere Laura Gemser appears, as a consequence you’ll see the name of Emanuelle. This happens also for the movie Women’s Prison Massacre. This is a very strange movie where Laura Gemser is never naked. By the way, there are many other nude women such as Lorraine De Selle, Maria Romano (see picture), Antonella Giacomini and Ursula Flores. You can find a complete review and many clips in today update.