Il ginecologo della mutua

Here is one of the most ‘strong’ movies with Renzo Montagnani, with the direction of Joe D’Amato. The jokingly Renzo Montagnani is surrounded by many beauties, all staying in his medical office, he is a gynecologist. This movie, Il ginecologo della mutua, has a big list of beauties: Paola Senatore, Isabella Biagini, Loretta Persichetti, Daniela Doria, Dirce Funari… and so more!

Salon Kitty

A big parade of nude celebrities in HD. Salon Kitty is on of the most controversial movies by Tinto Brass. It is based on the novel by Peter Norden, with long sex scenes and many of the actresses we like. Paola SenatoreMalisa LongoTeresa Ann SavoyRosemarie LindtPatrizia Webley… The list of nude actresses in this movie is long. In our archives you can find a complete review and some astonishing clips, all in HD.

San Pasquale Baylonne protettore delle donne

Another update and another cult movie rich of nude skin, San Pasquale Baylonne, protettore delle donne. In this nice movie with Lando Buzzanca, we can admire Gabriella Giorgelli, Loretta Persichetti, Orchidea De Santis and Stella Carnacina‘s nude bodies. As usual, you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.