Masters of Sex [Season 1]

A tv serie based on a true story. In the 60s a gynecologist and a psychologist make a research on human physiology during sex. And what’s one of the main ingredients of this research? If you thought the nude celebrities you guessed it. Masters of Sex is a formidable tv-show with a long list of nude celebrities in front of your eyes. Beautiful sequences that we present in HD. The names? Many: Annaleigh AshfordLizzy CaplanHeléne YorkeNicholle TomEllen WroeCharlotte ChanlerRose McIverRomina Bovolini and Olivia Alaina May. And for fans of the MILF genre, the sexy Allison Janney.

Masters of Sex [Season 2]

Second season of Masters of Sex, the second season of nude celebrities. Some names of the last season go away, others return, including that of the charismatic Sarah Silverman: comedian, actress, singer and celebrity … naked. Back, obviously, also the beautiful Lizzy Caplan, and with her many other names. Here are all the other nude celebrities this season: Betsy BrandtCaitlin FitzGeraldMariel NetoErin Cummings and Allison Janney. In our archives, the details of the TV series and the nude scenes, all in HD.

Masters of Sex [Season 3]

The pioneers of the science of human sexuality continue to give us a lot of naked actresses. In this third season, they undress in many and we go straight to the point showing you the list: Lizzy Caplan, Allison Janney, Caitlin FitzGerald, Emily Kinney, Hanna Hall, Heléne Yorke, Kristen Hager and Sascha Alexander.
A long list that satisfies all tastes. You do not see full length naked, but tits, tits and more tits. Are you interested in tits? Cool, because here you will see a lot of them.

True Blood [Season 1]

New celebrities in our archives, thanks to video clips from the first season of a very popular serial: True Blood. Vampires, gorgeous girls and many boobs. For the geeks, there are a couple of actresses coming from the X-Men movies. Anna Paquin, who was Rogue in the X-Men trilogy and here plays her first nude scene, and Lynn Collins, who was Kayla Silverfox in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But the list of nude actresses is long: there are also Danielle James nude, and Danielle Sepia and Lizzy Caplan in other nude scenes.