L’immoralità is one of Lisa Gastoni‘s lesser-known movies. Lisa Gastoni is one of the most loved divas by Italians, thanks to the erotic movie Grazie zia. When this movie came out in 1978, the critics welcomed it negatively and the public was not much. In the following years, the national television channels never broadcast it and the film ended up in oblivion.
The nude sequences are few, but worthy of attention. Lisa Gastoni is mature but still beautiful and we are very excited to watch her while doing gymnastics with black stockings.

Labbra di lurido blu

Who’s seeking Lisa Gastoni nude would enjoy the current update, with some sequences from the movie Labbra di lurido blu. Some video clips were in our archive but today we present them with an higher quality. As our members know, we add daily new content and we also substitute old videos with higher quality ones. Speaking of Lisa Gastoni nude, who exhibits in this movie, in some higly erotic scenes you can’t lose. Plus, we’ve added new videos with other nude actresses in this movie: Hélène Chanel, Daniela Halbritter and Margareta Veroni.


Once again we propose rare video clips that you will not find on any other site of nude celebrities. The fans of Lisa Gastoni naked will be happy with these nude scenes taken from the very rare Maddalena, an Italian-Polish film by the director Jerzy Kawalerowicz. Lisa Gastoni naked on the beach touching herself is a truly very exciting show. Many people ask movies starring the lovely Lisa Gastoni, entered the myth thanks to the masterpiece of Salvatore Samperi Thank You, Aunt, and we please all our members with these rare gems.


Lisa Gastoni is the mother, Jenny Tamburi the daughter and Barbara Marzano a friend of her, willing to have new experiences. They are the beautiful and naked actresses from Seduction, a movie by Fernando Di Leo. Three ways of being nude: the mature Lisa Gastoni, the young Jenny Tamburi and the busty Barbara Marzano. They will leave you astonished!


It has been eight years since the movie Thank You, Aunt made her popular. Now Lisa Gastoni looks like she’s more fascinating and sensual, in another movie directed by the same person, Salvatore Samperi, Submission. This is the movie of which we speak in our today update, in which this actress, at fourty, shows her goodies in some scene where she’s totally naked. Together with her the beautiful Andréa Ferréol.

Thank You, Aunt

Today we underline some trailers from the ‘cult’ movie Thank You, Aunt with the young and beautiful Lisa Gastoni. A black and white from 1968 and it demonstrate that you don’t need to exceed to make a good erotism.