Deep Throat

Deep Throat is surely a cult movie. Directed by the filmaker Gerard Damiano, the “Eisenstein” of hardcore, it was produced in only 6 days, costed only 25,000 dollars and earned 600 millions. One of the greatest blockbusters in cinema history. It was defined porno chic by intellectuals, Sinatra bought a copy for a private watch, New York Times spoke about, Johnny Carson and Bob Hope talk about, Jackie Onassis and Truman Capote saw it… An unforgettable movie, known even by those who have never saw it. It had so many imitations and followers…
The plot? A woman, played by Linda Lovelace, can not get orgasms. A friend organizes erotic meetings with well-endowed men, but things don’t improve. Finally a doctor finds out the problem: she has the clitoris in her throat! It will not be difficult for you to guess how the woman will finally manage to have orgasms…

Linda Lovelace for President

We all remember the beautiful Linda Lovelace coupled with the movie Deep Throat, the first hardcore movie for the official distribution. But only a few people knows she made other movies. One of these, not from the hardcore production, is the cult movie Linda Lovelace for President. In this movie she is the one of the candidate running for the US Presidence. It is a pleasant comedy with Linda’s nude body, always beautiful and sexy. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.