Apocalipsis sexual

Dealing with today update, it’s a very rare movie, Apocalipsis sexual. This is one of the rarest movies and well known among the collectors as one of the most diffucult to find. Among the actresses, there are two hotties, Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay.

Barbed Wire Dolls

Barbed Wire Dolls, a movie of sexploitation by Jesús Franco. This movie comes from the genre Women in Prison, commonly referred as WIP. The main character is the beautiful Lina Romay, together with beautiful nude actresses: Martine Stedil and Monica Swinn. The total nudes are many in this movie… and all clips are in HD.

Die Sklavinnen

The unforgettable Lina Romay has given a lot to us lovers of nude celebrities. Sexy, buttery, sensual and slutty, she moved with ease between softcore and hardcore and has realized an immense number of fabulous sequences.
In this film by Jesús Franco we find her in the role of Arminda, a perfidious maitresse of a brothel for people with extreme tastes. The police have been trying to close it for years, but Arminda has friends in high places. But now a girl managed to escape and she could be the key to incarcerating Aminda.
The title of the film is Die Sklavinnen, but is knowns internationally as Swedish Nympho Slaves or more simply Slaves. Along with Lina Romay there are Martine Stedil, Yvonne Eduser, Diotta Fatou, Esther Moser, Peggy Markoff and Aida Vargas.

Doriana Grey

Her recent death left a gap that cannot be filled easily and we go on remember her as she liked: naked. We’re speaking of the beautiful Lina Romay, who never hide to be a great exhibitionist. Her soft body is still impressed in tons of fans’ memory, all around the world. Today we present a movie nearly hardcore, with an oral sex scene with Lina Romay and another sex scene with the beautiful Martine Stedil. The movie is Doriana Grey, and together with the two celebrities there’s also the less known Monica Swinn. There’re of course also some interesting lesbo scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives. Now in HD!

El mirón y la exhibicionista

There are many online query about the erotic myth Lina Romay, due to the recent death of this beautiful woman, too.

We decided to satisfy our users with a little jewel that we add to our big archive of clips. This little jewel is the complete review of the movie El mirón y la exhibitionista – with many clips to illustrate it. It is a hardcore movie directed by Jesus Franco in 1986 and interpreted by Lina Romay. Both the director and the actress choose Lulu Laverne as nickname. For all those wondering if there are hardcore scenes with Lina Romay, here is the answer: yes. And the answer is due not only to this movie, to be honest. This is a very rare movie: it was never distributed as VHS and the only edition was a DVD attached to a spanish magazine, “Inteviù”.


Another erotic classic by Jesus Franco. He writes, directs and plays together with his muse and wife Lina Romay. The softy Lina works in a French porn magazine and together with her girlfriend, Nadine Pascal, organizes BDSM orges. Together with these two beautiful actresses, other interesting movie celebrities are naked: Catherine Lafferière, Monica Swinn and France Nicolas. BDSM, soft lesbo, stockings, total naked scenes… you can find all in this movie.

Female Vampire

Lina Romay, one of the actresses we miss mostly, is always in our hearts… and in our archives. Today we present the movie Female Vampire. You can see some clips from the uncut version of this movie. In this movie the fabulous Lina never speaks and is always nude. For many of us, this can be the model for a perfect woman. It’s one of the many movies you can’t loose if you like Lina Romay, because the number of erotic scenes is high and the exciting level is higher only in those movies in which Lina acts in hardcore scenes. Together with Lina Romay, there are two nude celebrities: Anna Watican and Monica Swinn.

Frauen ohne Unschuld

Another movie by director Jesús Franco, again with Lina Romay nude. We can’t wait longer without enjoying some videos with this myth of erotic cinema. A round ass, an inviting breast, a great will of exhibiting nude… Lina Romay will be forever in the list of the most beloved nude actresses. The videos we present are from the movie Frauen ohne Unschuld and together with Lina there are other actresses undressing: Muriel Montossé, Esther Studer and Monica Swinn.

How to Seduce a Virgin

Alice Arno nude, Lina Romay naked and Tania Busselier naked. These three nude celebrities are the protagonists of a film rich of interesting scenes: How to Seduce a Virgin. Another chapter of Jesus Franco in his journey into the sexploitation genre. A mad countess, a mute waitress, a gardener with a hunched back … and of course a vergin to seduce. Strange characters and lots of nudity. Big tits, totally nudes and black stockings will make you rejoice in front of the video clip of this update.

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden by Jesus Franco is a triumph of nude skin. Beautiful women, totally naked, many showers… A movie you can’t loose if you’re an estimator of nude cinema. Among many beauties we can underline the presence of the fabulous Dyanne Thorne – interpreting Ilsa – the sensual Lina Romay and Tania Busselier. We present this movie in our daily update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it. This movie was already in our archives but we substituted the old clips with some new HD clips.

Jack the Ripper

How many versions of Jack the Ripper were offered at the cinema? One thousand? Jesús Franco also offers us his, slightly different from the official version, with the girlfriend of the protagonist inspector who is also the mother of the murderer. The parts that interest us are those pre-ripping and have as protagonists Esther Studer, Josephine Chaplin and Lina Romay.

La casa de las mujeres perdidas

Another hot movie with Lina Romay, here accredited with one of her most known pseudonym, Candy Coster. The movie is La casa de las mujeres perdidas and it’s rich of nude scenes, including the fabulous lesbo scene between the nude actresses involved in this work by Jesùs Franco. Together with Linda Romay nude, we can enjoy the sight of the Spanish actresses Carmen Carrión and Asunción Calero, maybe less popular than the fabulous Lina, but sexy and attractive like her.

Lillian, the Perverted Virgin

We at CinemaCult love all of naked actresses, the present and the past. Some of them, however, are at the top of our personal ranking. In example, we are always very happy to look at Lina Romay naked. She was a true icon of worldwide sex cinema. An eroticism that was able to bring even in the hardcore genre, when she played in pornographic films. A film halfway between the erotic and the hardcore is that of which we speak today, Lillian, the Perverted Virgin. Yet another film by the prolific filmmaker Jesús Franco, where the main protagonist is the beautiful Katja Bienert. Very good sequences with Katja Bienert naked and some amazing hardcore scenes with Lina Romay. But no sex scenes, only fellatio and cunnilingus in this film…

Lorna the Exorcist

From the big filmography of Lina Romay, today we present a movie with some very interesting scenes. It’s Lorna, the exorcist and it’s rich of nude celebrities. It includes also some soft-lesbo scenes with Lina Romay and the beautiful Pamela Stanford and Catherine Lafferière. In this move there is also Jacqueline Laurent nude, in some funny scenes in which some crabs are going out her pussy (!). A strange horror made by Jesús Franco, in which the main character is stalked by and ex girlfriend who’s a sort of witch. As in all Franco’s movies, there are tons of nude scenes.

Maciste contre la reine des Amazones

We spoke many times of the director Jesús Franco and the beautiful Lina Romay. Today we’re back speaking of this with a new movie review for a very interesting movie with many nude skin: Maciste contre la reine des Amazones (AKA The Lustful Amazons AKA Golden Temple Amazons AKA many others). Together with Lina Romay we can admire the beautiful and undressed Alice Arno and Kali Hansa.

Macumba Sexual

Take two sex bombs as Lina Romay and Ajita Wilson, then imagine them in a couple of lesbo scenes. It could be a dream but it is a movie by Jesús Franco: Macumba Sexual. Lina Romay isn’t gorgeous but it is one of the most exciting actresses, soft and sensual. When Lina and Ajita lick each other, the scene is one of the hottest. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Mi conejo es el mejor

Lina Romay and a few BDSM… a good couple, for the movie Mi conejo es el mejor. Our soft Lina is a lesbian girl in a prison, then a fugitive, then the object of desire for a sadomasochist who will transform her in his slave. It’s hard to say if it’s a good movie because Lina’s soft hills distracted us. There are very hot lesbo scenes with Elena Álvarez and Carmen Carrión. You can find a complete movie review and many astonishing clips in our archives.

Midnight Party

We’re back speaking of the unforgettable Lina Romay and of a movie in which she shows her bald pussy: Midnight Party. The movie is quite simple and there isn’t a lot to say about it. Lina is sexy and erotic, so they didn’t need complex plots. In the movie we find a simple plot but a lot of nude scenes. Together with Lina Romay, we can appreciate Monica Swinn and Alice Arno‘s nudes. The movie review and some astonishing clips are in our daily updated archives, as usual.

Night of 1,000 Sexes

Jesus Franco as director and Lina Romay naked. A winning pair for yet another film interpreted by the icon of erotism Lina Romay. You can’t avoid getting excited in front of her breast or her round and plentiful bottom. In this film, as well as various nude appearances of the beautiful Lina, there’s also a delicate lesbian scene with Mari Carmen Nieto and then again an orgy, with Alicia Príncipe, too. So much bare skin, and fans of nude actresses can enjoy video clips extracted from this movie, in our archives. Now in HD!

Rolls Royce Baby

Another important step in erotic cinema, another very hot movie with the unforgettable Lina Romay.
For the fans of one of the most sensual and esibitionists actresses of the world, today we present the movie review Rolls Royce Baby, on of her best movies, with some exciting scenes. It’s impossible to ignore the beautiful Lina while she shaves her pussy, with some close up you can’t forget. For the whole movie the beautiful Lina goes around nude letting us see her shaved pussy. And more: she makes a good blow job to a truck driver, a wet lick between legs, masturbation… One of the hottest movies in Lina Romay‘s filmography, those from the hardcore genre. An update you can’t loose.

The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Cinema presented many versions of the castaway Robinson Crusoe, but that of the director Ken Dixon is perhaps one of the best. Or at least it is from the point of view of Robinson himself, who ends up shipwrecked on an island with beautiful naked women. Or, better, naked actresses, to enjoy our users. An exceptional cast, with some undisputed icons of naked cinema starting with Malisa Longo to Paola Maiolini and Lina Romay. Poor Robinson will meet them all, at least until the arrival of Friday, which will give him a hand. The title of this rare film is The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the list of naked actresses here is long. In addition to the three mentioned above, these are: Barbara Lee, Colette Descombes, Eva Carson, Eva Maria Gabriel, Macha Magall, Natasha Neal and Ulla La. As always, you will find the video clips from this movie in our archives.

The Hot Nights of Linda

These new HD clips will delight our users. New scenes with Lina Romay nude, one of the most beloved actresses among the cult celebrities collectors. In the movie we present today, nude scenes are many. The movie is The Hot Nights of Linda, and together with Lina Romay, some other beauties strip: Alice ArnoCatherine LafferièreMonica Swinn and Verónica Llimera. A great party of total naked scenes, lesbo scenes, massages… You can find a complete movie review and many HD clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives!

Women Behind Bars

Lina Romay‘s fans are many and they would be happy for today update. We present a famous WIP-movie: Women Behind Bars. It’s another movie for the WIP genre (Women in Prison), in which there’re strips of two of icons of erotic cinema of those years: Lina Romay and Martine Stedil. As many movies by Jesus Franco, the story is built only to show some naked beauties. As a matter of fact, in this movie you can find a lot of nude skin and some lesbo scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily updated archives.