Being Twenty

Another movie means another cult movie, here. Being Twenty dues its title to the book Aden Arabia by Paul Nizan and tells the story of two girls, Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati, that decides to live in a complete freedom. This movie, despite of showing miles and miles of nude skin, has also a good story. Almost the whole movie has a comedy tone but the first ending they made was terrible and bloody. The public was shocked and the movie disappeared from cinemas in a while. Then it appeared again with a new and happy end. In today update you can find this movie review and some fabulous video clips with Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati. Unforgettable!

Candido Erotico

Even a stallon in a nightclub in Holland can fall in love with a delicate and sweet girl. He can even think to leave his life as a playboy and marry her. The trouble comes when the first night he realizes he suffer for an impotence. The only solution is being watched while he has sex, as when he worked in nightclubs. But does she agree? This is the plot in today movie: Candido Erotico (AKA The Exhibitionists), with three excellent beauties: Lilli Carati, Maria Baxa and Ajita Wilson. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives.

Escape from Women's Prison

After hundreds and hundreds of reviews, we’re still able to find rare and interesting content, as the clips we have added today in our archives. We’re speaking of the movie Escape from Women’s Prison, that shows a parade of beautiful nude actresses: Lilli Carati, Ada Pometti, Dirce Funari, Marina Daunia and Zora Kerova. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Il corpo della ragassa

Il corpo della ragassa is the movie that gave a great success to Lilli Carati and make her becoming a cult actress. It is a movie dedicated to collectors and very rare. In today update you can find a complete review and many interesting clips to illustrate it.

Il marito in vacanza

Lilli Carati is an icon and doesn’t need we present her. Her name is one of the most requested and among the most beloved by our members. So we always try to find new content with her. Today we present a very nice movie in which Lilli Carati is together with a beautiful Cinzia De Ponti. The movie is Il marito in vacanza. You can see fabulos nudes and very sexy scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily update.

Il vizio preferito di mia moglie

Second hardcore movie for cult actress Lilli Carati. In her dark days, in need of money, the actress decided to take part in four pornographic films. In this, she plays a kinky lady who perpetrates sexual blackmail to various high-class men.
In the movie there are all the ingredients of the case: blowjobs, lesbian scenes, masturbation, oral sex, black stockings and threesomes.


Laura Gemser is an actress beloved by our members. Any time we present one of her movies, we always receive a great many of emails. The same when we speak about another icon: Lilli Carati. Today update is a gift for both collectors, thanks to this new cult movie by Joe D’Amato: L’alcova. We must highlight some sensual lesbo scenes with Lilli Carati and Annie Belle and then between Lilli Carati and Laura Gemser. Cool!

La compagna di banco

A great many of nudes, in the movie we’re presenting today. We start with the always requested Lilli Carati, an icon from the sexy cinema. The movie is La compagna di banco and together with her we find other beautiful actresses: Brigitte PetronioSusanna SchemmariNikki Gentile… Another update you can’t loose! You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

La professoressa di scienze naturali

Another interesting update! Today we present some movie clips from La professoressa di scienze naturali (AKA School Days) with a beautiful Lilli Carati, together with Ria De Simone and Serena Bennato (it is really a myth that scene in which Ria De Simone is covered with spaghetti by Gianfranco D’Angelo!).

Lilli Carati's Dreams

Just before her hardcore years, Lilli Carati played in a softcore movie that was distributed only in the home video market, titled Lilli Carati’s Dreams. Extremely rare, this film marks the passage of this icon of Italian cinema from the mainstream to the hardcore and is highly required by her fans. Not only Lilli Carati‘s fans, but also the prosperous Marcella Petrelli‘s followers. Lesbian scenes in the bathtub, masturbation and total naked scenes are the only plot of this film. Yet another exclusive update of CinemaCult. The clips taken from this movie are in our archives.


Another rare movie and very interesting for those who love watching Lilli Carati nude. The movie is Lussuria, made by Joe D’amato. It’s one of the hot movies interpreted by the beautiful Lilli, it was made a little before she started working in the the hardcore productions. There are many interesting scenes, including a pair of lesbo scenes with the blonde and not popular Noemie Chelkoff. Unfortunately, she did lose track after this unique movie.

Senza Buccia

Our research of rare movies never stop. Today we’ve found some clips from a very rare movie: Senza buccia, with the fabulous Lilli Carati and Ilona Staller. It is still an erotic movie, but with many nudes, even total nudes. An update you can’t miss.

The Whore

The Whore is the last hardcore movie with Lilli Carati. Or, better, it is the last in her career. After this movie, the beautiful Lilli left the stage with a great sorrow from her thousands fans around the world. This is also her better hard movie, with the best scenes, starting with a lesbo scene with the pornstar Jeannie Pepper and arriving to a fabulous threesome with the blonde Debi Diamond. This movie has the better blow job in Lilli Carati‘s filmography, with an ass-licking to her partner. The Whore is the only hard movie with Lilli Carati made in the USA. At first the actress signed for three movies, but she went back Italy because of her personal troubles and left the scenes once and for all. Rare scenes from a rare movie: this is the common menu from the bigger European nude celebrities website.

There is a Ghost in My Bed

A classic Italian sexy comedy with one of the most beloved actresses by fans of nude celebrities: Lilli Carati. This sexy queen of the 70s is in great shape in one of her most famous films: There is a Ghost in My Bed (original title C’è un fantasma nel mio letto). Full frontals, diving in the bathtub, stripping before going to bed, stockings shown mischievously under the table… We really love Lilli Carati.

Una moglie molto infedele

It is hard to count all the emails we receive from people asking for the hard movies by Lilli Carati. They are hundreds and the first came the first week after this site was born, years ago. This actress disappeared in the ’90s after some troubles in her life and none knows where she’s now, so she became a legend. Lilli Carati‘s fans are really many because she’s one of the most beautiful actresses in Italian Cinema between ’70s and ’80s. Her last period in cinema, as for many other actresses (Paola Senatore, Karin Schubert) was in hard productions. She made only four hard movies even if with some cuts the producers obtained more than 30 movies. Today we present one of these hard movies: Una moglie molto infedele. We grant, you’ll find your beloved Lilli very hot and sensual in these clips.

Una ragazza molto viziosa

Una ragazza molto viziosa is part of the handful of pornographic movies made by Lilli Carati. We all know the legendary Lilli Carati and by now everyone knows that at the end of the 80s she acted in some hard movies.
Here is one. The ingredients are all there: blowjobs, anal sex, lesbian scenes, Spanish, oral sex… well, you understand. Obviously the sequences taken from this movie are unmissable for Lilli Carati fans and not just for them.

Una Scatenata moglie insaziabile

Una Scatenata moglie insaziabile is the fourth hardcore movie by Lilli Carati and is also one of our favorites. With this the quadrilogy of the porn movies of the late Lilli ends. Even if they came out of thirty composed of cuts and pieces, she realized only four: Una moglie molto infedele, Il vizio preferito di mia moglie, Una ragazza molto viziosa and this.
The box office success was not as high as for the first three movies, but still cashed very well, also because the production costs for these movies were decidedly low. Lilli Carati gives us some breathtaking sequences, including a beautiful blowjob with the blonde Joy Karin’s.

Voglia di guardare

Joe D’Amato directed three icons of the erotic cinema, with an intriguing movie: Jenny Tamburi, Lilli Carati and Laura Gemser. Both for erotism and nude skin, the movie is very good and we can only congratulate again with this director. Plus: beautiful blonde actress Aldina Martano in lesbo scenes with Laura Gemser. So, the movie we present today is Voglia di guardare and we speak of it in today update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.