E' forte un casino

The movie E’ forte un casino is a comedy, neither good nor bad, from the early 80s. The cast is composed by comic characters as Bombolo e Cannavale but we’re more interested in the beautiful Xiomara Gonzales, we can see this gorgeous actress only in this movie. Plus: Licinia Lentini, an actress with a strong fan-base. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

I carabbimatti

In 1981 the movie I carabbimatti arrived at cinema, directed by Giuliano Carnimeo. The film staged some of the numerous jokes dedicated to one of the Italian armies: the carabinieri. In the first half of the 80s comedies dedicated to this subject were very many in Italy, almost always with a very poor plot and a few laughs. We remember this movie for the two naked actresses who appear in the film, both very popular with our users. The first is Licinia Lentini, a busty brunette, and who rarely showed her nude body. The second is Marcella Petrelli, a cult actress, with a small number of fans, but much loved among the estimators of nude cinema.

Il commissario Lo Gatto

Il commissario Lo Gatto is considered one of the best works by Lino Banfi but it isn’t very popular. In this movie the nude actresses are many and among the scenes there is one on a naturist beach. Among the beautiful actresses in this movie, we remember Valeria Milillo and the full frontal of Isabel Russinova. Plus: Brigitta Bohm and Licinia Lentini. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Ridendo e scherzando

Beautiful and sensual, Licinia Lentini nude is not easy to see. There are many films in which she plays in all her sensuality, showing black stockings, necklines thrill or the last few inches of her back. But her nude scenes are really very few, unfortunately for her many fans. One of the few movies where you can see her completely nude and after an amazing striptease is Ridendo e scherzando, a funny movie that besides Licinia Lentini shows us two other fabulous nude celebrities: Macha Méril and Orchidea De Santis, two additional icons from erotic cinema. Subscribe now to and enjoy the video clips from this movie.

Teste di quoio

Daniela Poggi, Licinia Lentini and Serena Grandi are the protagonists of Teste di quoio, an Italian comedy from the early eighties and forgotten by a great part of audience. Four amateur criminals break into an embassy and then realize that it has been moved. They then take the condos as hostages, but the outcome of their operation does not seem to have great chances of success. No nudes, but a great many of thighs.