Altered Carbon [Season 1]

Altered Carbon is a TV series inspired by a cyberpunk novel by Richard K. Morgan. People never die, but they can move their essence into a new body. And speaking of bodies, there are many naked ones!
We like to write a few words in our reviews, to give space to nude actresses. And if we don’t want to fill too many lines of text we must go straight to the list of these naked actresses, because they are so many: Alyson Bath, Hannah Rose May, Kat Pasion, Kristin Lehman, Lexi Atkins, Lisa Chandler, Martha Higareda, Nalani Wakita, Olga Fonda and Stephanie Cleough.


The cinema has introduced us to various types of zombies, but Zombeavers takes us to a higher level! A weekend of fun in the woods turns into a real nightmare, because the forest is infested with zombie beavers. Beautiful girls, bikinis, lingerie… in short, very interesting nude celebrities. Their names are Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins and Rachel Melvin.