The Private Lesson

Among the many movies in which the story is built on the relationship between a student and a teacher, The Private Lesson is no doubt one of the most intriguing. The beautiful Carroll Baker acts as a piano teacher and strips in front of his student. In the same movie, we can admire also the beautiful Leonora Fani and Femi Benussi. You can find a complete review and many clips from uncut version to illustrate it, all in our archives.


Today we present another erotic jewel by Salvatore Samperi, the director of Thank You, Aunt and Malicious. These movies transformed Lisa Gastoni and Laura Antonelli in two sexy icons from Italian cinema. In our latest update, we present some clips from Nené. With this movie the director came back to an artistic value in cinema, after his almost commercial period. In this movie the nude celebrities are some of the most requested by our members: Leonora Fani and Paola Senatore. Unfortunately nude scenes are few. The movie is made more of erotic excitation than sex scenes, but these few minutes are fabulous.

Giallo a Venezia

In Giallo a Venezia we can admire Leonora Fani, naked, in one of the most beautiful, long sequences of masturbation of the mainstream cinema of the ’70s. Already present in our archives, now we represent the nude sequences in a superior quality. Not only Leonora Fani, but also Mariangela Giordano nude. A very rich film with very exciting softcore scenes, which we have collected for your pleasure. Do not miss this update with naked actresses from this rare Italian movie.