A movie about the life of Giacomo Casanova without nude actresses leaves us quite disappointed. A lot disappointed. But there is always something positive, even in bad news. And the good news is Lauren Cohan, sexy, provocative and with tits that seem to burst in her bodice. And we love Lauren Cohan.

Death Race 2

In the first movie of this saga there were no nude scenes, but in this Death Race 2 something is found. And there’s the amazing Lauren Cohan that makes us excited even without undressing. While she’s in the shower we squint our eyes to look better.
The plot tells the origins of a dead person at the end of the first movie, so we understand that it is a prequel and not a sequel.
To show us the tits are Jenna Saras and Tanit Phoenix.

The Boy

A couple entrusts their child to a babysitter before traveling. The babysitter is shocked when she discovers that the child is actually a doll. These people are crazy! Or maybe not?
Lauren Cohan does not take off all her clothes, but this is not new. But she gives us some very sexy sequences, including a session in the shower.

Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj(the first chapter is already in our archives) is a light comedy on students’ life in a college. The story isn’t anything special but there are a lot of beauties in its cast: Elena Tecuta, Holly Davidson, Lauren Cohan, Olivia Scott… You can find a complete article and many HD clips to illustrate it, in our daily update.