Black Cobra

We haven’t presented anything with Laura Gemser nude for a few weeks and we received a lot of emails from our users to remember us they’re asking for new content about Laura Gemser. We always see there’s a great number of collectors considering Laura Gemser one of the icons in erotic comedy. So our present update deals with a great movie, Eva Nera (Black Cobra). Here is Laura as the main actress, together with Michele Starck and Ziggy Zanger. As usual, you can find a complete review and many clips in our archives. Now in HD!

Black Emanuelle

We’re back with a new update on Laura Gemser nude and we do it with one of her most famous movies: Black Emanuelle. The clips we show you are from our archives are from the uncut version of this little erotic jewel. As many knows, this movie has also a version with hardcore scenes. These hardcore scenes with Laura Gemser are actually some scenes with stunts: Laura has never done hardcore scenes.
Together with her, a couple of nude celebrities: Karin Schubert and Isabelle Marchall. The hardcore scenes with Karin Schubert are composed with other pieces added to the original version, even if Karin Schubert become a hardcore actress a long time after this movie. No lesbo scenes, unfortunately, but there are many groping between Laura Gemser and the other two actresses. An update you can’t loose!

Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle

The most requested actress among our users is at the moment Laura Gemser. Her name is in many emails we receive and now she is requested more than Edwige Fenech and Serena Grandi. We always try to answer our members’ needs, so today we see her in movie together with Annie Belle, Ziggy Zanger and Nieves Navarro: Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle, an erotic movie not very popular that shows many beautiful naked women in an Aegyptian contest. Hot video clips from uncut version!

Caligula: The Untold Story

We periodically present something from the huge filmography of Laura Gemser, one of the most beloved actresses among our member. Today we present the controversial Caligula: The Untold Story, by Joe D’Amato. It was produced in 1982 but censored three times and then a shorter soft version was distributed, with 39 minutes less. In this update you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it. Clips are from the rare uncensored version, that included some hardcore scenes. Together with Laura Gemser a long list of nude celebrities engaged in hardcore and softcore scenes: Fabiola Toledo, Laura Levi, Nadine Roussial, Rossella Dramis, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi, Ulla Luna.

Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult

Today we present a very rare movie with Laura Gemser, Love Camp, also known as Love Cult and Divine Emanuelle. This movie doesn’t deal with Black Emanuelle, except for the actress and the original title was Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps. This movie is evaluable for a constant show of nude skins and very hot scenes. Laura Gemser’s belovers will appreciate the lesbo scenes with her. This is a real cult movie, you must see it if you’re a cinema lover. You can find a complete review and many nude clips to illustrate it. Nude celebrities list: Laura GemserJane IwanoffSylvia EngelmannVeronika Schecker and Simone Brahmann.

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

Laura Gemser nude, Monica Zanchi nude, Annamaria Clementi nude, Nieves Navarro nude… A similar poker can only draw attention to the film that shows them as main characters. If you add a nude Dirce Funari, very young and almost unrecognizable, then no lover of nude celebrities can resist without seeing at least once, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals. The great Joe D’Amato, director, knows how to excite his viewers and a pair of erotic autoerotism are amazing, from the softest to the most heated, with a couple of fabulous scenes of masturbation. Nieves Navarro, who masturbates in a tent is one of our favorite scenes ever. And also Laura Gemser and Monica Zanchi that wash each others in a lake. In short, a cult film to judged A+, with regard to the bare skin. You can find in our archives the complete movie review, and obviously some HD clips to illustrate it.

Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade

We present some new content with Laura Gemser and some new astonishing clips. Today we present one of the best movies with Laura Gemser, one of the richest of nude scenes, Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade. Together with Ely Galleani, she shows her goodies totally naked and a couple of lesbo scenes, too. A cult movie, indeed.

Emanuelle Around the World

We’re back speaking of the beautiful Laura Gemser, one of the most requested by our members. There is a complete review for the movie Emanuelle Around the World (original title: Emanuelle, perché violenza alle donne?), another chapter in the history of Emanuelle Nera, signed by Joe D’Amato. Together with Laura Gemser, are three famous actresses in ’70s erotic movies: Brigitte Petronio, Paola Maiolini and Karin Schubert. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in today update.

Emanuelle in America

Laura GemserLorraine De SelleMarina LotarPaola SenatoreCristina MinutelliMaria Renata FrancoEleni StavrouMaria Pia RegoliGota GobertRenate Kasché and Stefania Nocilli, all in the same movie! A dream? No, that’s real! This film is Emanuelle in America and it is one of the best. An explosive Laura Gemser, Paola Senatore at her best, Stefania Nocilli acting as a model and Marina Lother uncredited, she’s running away from a false Tarzan. Also, a very sexy Lorraine De Selle nude and bisex, uncredited. Softcore, hardcore, lesbo, oral sex, masturbation… You can not miss these clips from the uncut version.

Emanuelle in Bangkok

Our members are well aware that we update our records very often, replacing low quality video clips with video clips of higher quality as soon as we have the opportunity. And this is what we did with clips taken from one of the most interesting films to enjoy Laura Gemser nude and other fabulous nude actresses: Emmanuelle in Bangkok. In this chapter of the saga of Black Emanuelle are parading for our eyes the beautiful Laura Gemser and other nude celebrities of great interest for the collectors of nude cinema: Ely GalleaniGaby BourgoisDebra Berger and Koike Mahoco. All the video clips of this update are in HD, don’t lose it!

Emanuelle in the Country

When a doctor as Laura Gemser arrives in a village, the story is expectable. All the male residents are ill and need the doctor. Emanuelle in the Country (original title L’infermiera di campagna) is a new role in Laura Gemser‘s filmography and we present it today. In this movie she’s with two less popular but sexy actresses: Antonella Prati and Lorna Green. We must underline the presence of Femi Benussi, too, not accredited and unfortunately not nude, but you can see her in a very intriguing sequence.

Emanuelle's Daughter: Queen of Sados

We’re speaking of Laura Gemser again. Today we present a movie directed by Elia Milonakos, one of the greates exploitation directors in the ’70s and the ’80s: Mavri Emanuelle, also known as Emanuelle: Queen of Sados or Emanuelle’s Daughter. Together with Laura Gemser we can admire Nadia Neri, sensual and provocative, and Kathrin Maalouf. An update you can’t really miss, with a complete review and many clips.

Emmanuelle 2

Our previous review on Emmanuelle had a great success among our members but it was an easy bet. You asked for more content from this series, so we’re working for this and more clips are coming soon. Today we start with Emmanuelle 2, again with the beautiful Sylvia Kristel (mature and more beautiful than in the first movie). This movie had different titles in international distribution, in example Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman and Emmanuelle: L’antivierge. Dealing with cronology, this is Emmanuelle 2. In this movie we find also the fabulous Laura Gemser, one of the beloved by our users. Scenes with her are spectacular. Also, the blonde and beautiful Catherine Rivet. All clips are in HD.

Emmanuelle on Taboo Island

Laura Gemser‘s filmography is really wide and we’re going on exploring it for the joy of her many belovers. Today we present the movie La spiaggia del desiderio, already known as Emmanuelle on Taboo Island, but it isn’t related to Emanuelle Nera’s movies. You can find in our today update a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Horror Safari

We go on exploring Laura Gemser’s filmography. Today we present the movie Horror Safari. A few of nude skin but Laura Gemser shows a total nude.


Laura Gemser is an actress beloved by our members. Any time we present one of her movies, we always receive a great many of emails. The same when we speak about another icon: Lilli Carati. Today update is a gift for both collectors, thanks to this new cult movie by Joe D’Amato: L’alcova. We must highlight some sensual lesbo scenes with Lilli Carati and Annie Belle and then between Lilli Carati and Laura Gemser. Cool!

Murder Obsession

It is quite difficult finding new rare content day after day… but not for us! As a matter of facts, today we present the complete review of a quite rare movie: Murder Obsession. All the clips are now in HD. We love nude celebrities in HD! The beautiful actresses stripping in this movie are Silvia DionisioLaura Gemser and Anita Strindberg. The review and many HD clips to illustrate it are in our today update.

Notti porno nel mondo

Again Laura Gemser nude in HD videos. And still taken from a rather rare movie. After the videos taken from Prostitution International, today we present video clips from Notti porno del mondo, a pseudo documentary about night vicious around the world, a movie in which Laura Gemser introduces the various sequences. In addition to her, we underline the presence of another icon of naked cinema: Marina Lotar, who performs in a long strip. The only flaw of this transposition in HD is a dubbing with the Italian and German languages overlapping, but it’s almost tolerable. Another fabulous update for lovers of nude celebrities.

Private Collections

Today we speak of a movie from the gigantic filmography from Laura Gemser. She’s one of the most beloved actresses among our members’ preferences. So, today we speak of Private Collections, a movie from the seventies, made by three masters of the erotism: Walerian Borowczyk, Just Jaeckin and Shuji Terayama. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Prostitution International

Laura Gemser nude and in HD! New sequences in our archives for one of the icons from erotic cinema, coming from the film Prostitution International. If you are among the many fans of the stunning Laura Gemser, you’ll appreciate these video clips in HD. Transparent clothes, sex in the bathtub, naked integrals… In short, a classic movie with Laura Gemser, who on this occasion abandons the role of Black Emanuelle to wear those of a prostitute. Yet another update not to be lost.

Riflessi di luce

Ok, if you love Italian nude actresses of the 80s, the nude scenes extrapolated from this movie are the ones you should take on a desert island. Jessica Moore, Laura Gemser, Loredana Romito and Pamela Prati. A poker of women very difficult to beat! Showers, topless poolside, lesbian scenes… Riflessi di luce is one of our favorite movies of all time.
The lesbian sequences between Pamela Prati and Loredana Romito will cause you constant erections. These two women are really fabulous. And the other two are definitely exciting. This is the story of Italian sexy cinema, guys, and if you missed the lesson it’s time to study.

Sexy Nights of the Living Dead

We’re always looking for rare movies and shows, so today we discovered some clips from a real cult movie directed by Joe D’Amato: Sexy Nights of the Living Dead. Erotism, horror, splatter and a rare uncut version with a bit of hardcore… and this is of course the version we have found. All in a single movie, with a fabulous group of beautiful women such as Dirce Funari, Laura Gemser and Lucia Ramirez.

Sister Emanuelle

We can’t spend many time far from Laura Gemser and today we’re back speacking of her and one of the movies of Emanuelle Nera: Sister Emanuelle. This is one of the most famous nude movies in the list of Emanuelle’s movies. Together with a beautiful Laura Gemser we can see Monica Zanchi, Dirce Funari and Vinja Locatelli. You can find a complete review in our today update, with many clips to illustrate it. Now in HD!

Voglia di guardare

Joe D’Amato directed three icons of the erotic cinema, with an intriguing movie: Jenny Tamburi, Lilli Carati and Laura Gemser. Both for erotism and nude skin, the movie is very good and we can only congratulate again with this director. Plus: beautiful blonde actress Aldina Martano in lesbo scenes with Laura Gemser. So, the movie we present today is Voglia di guardare and we speak of it in today update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Voto di castità

Many of our members will be happy hearing there’s something new for Laura Gemser, one of the most beautiful and sensual beauties since ever. The more we update her filmography, the much you want to see her. Well, today we present a movie where she’s the main actress together with Gillian Bray and Sofia Dionisio (sister of the most famous Silvia): Voto di castità. As usual, you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Women's Prison Massacre

Everywhere Laura Gemser appears, as a consequence you’ll see the name of Emanuelle. This happens also for the movie Women’s Prison Massacre. This is a very strange movie where Laura Gemser is never naked. By the way, there are many other nude women such as Lorraine De Selle, Maria Romano (see picture), Antonella Giacomini and Ursula Flores. You can find a complete review and many clips in today update.