Casta e pura

A movie by Salvatore Samperi with Laura Antonelli immediately puts us in a good mood. Because this is the couple that gave birth to one of the most famous and sexy erotic movies of Italian cinema: Malizia.
Almost ten years later this Casta e pura shows us a Laura Antonelli still young and beautiful and exciting. His nudes are among the most beautiful in Italian cinema and this movie is no exception.
Two other interesting nudes are those of Gabrielle Lazure and Valeria Fabrizi.

Il merlo maschio

Nobody seems to remember the cello player Niccolò Vivaldi, interpreted by the mythical actor Lando Buzzanca, but all remember his beautiful wife, interpreted by the nerver forgotten Laura Antonelli. All envy his beautiful wife and he is proud of this. So he starts making nude pics of her, and showing them to the collegues. Then he is involved in an exhibitionist mania, spying her after she’s obliged to strip in front of the doctor, the masseur, at the spa… until the climax, when he makes her stripping on the stage of Arena Theater in Verona, during the opera “Aida”. Il merlo maschio is a cult movie that shows Laura Antonelli, nude and sexy, in one of her most exciting movie. Unfortunately the quality isn’t high, because the original film was destroyed by mistake.

La gabbia

Laura Antonelli had a quality, that was sensuality. A good example is in her movie La gabbia (AKA Dead Fright), in which she gives her public a constant excitement without being naked (even if you can see a full frontal covered in the shadows). But langerie, suspender belts, bras… are always present. Dealing with nude skin, a great contribute comes from Cristina Marsillach and Blanca Marsillach, the first interpreting a young Laura Antonelli and the second a mature Antonelli, who’s called Marie in this movie. A disturbed movie, with Tony Musante tied to Marie’s bed because she’s trying to prevent his abandon, as he did when younger. Directed by Patroni Griffi and the mythical Lucio Fulci as scenographist.

Le malizie di Venere

In 1969 Massimo Dallamano made a film based on a novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch that appeared only in Germany with the title Venus im pelz and had a starring Laura Antonelli at the height of her beauty. In Italy censorship stopped the film and was cut and presented for another five years without ever being able to get the approval. In 1975 production called the director Paolo Heusch to shoot some new scenes, and the film was totally distorted and turned into a detective story. The most scabrous scenes were eliminated, but there remained enough to enjoy Laura Antonelli naked. The title of this version was Le malizie di Venere. Unfortunately this cut version didn’t achieve a great success. In this update we present the clips taken from this movie. In short, we will present even those clips taken from the original and uncut version from 1969.

Letti selvaggi

A poker of beautiful actresses for a classic Italian comedy of the late 70s. Divided into eight episodes, the film gives us several moments of good humor, but above all different sexy sequences with some of the most beautiful actresses of that period: Laura Antonelli, Monica Vitti, Sylvia Kristel and Ursula Andress. Not all of them undress completely, but they all show us something interesting…


It has a few nude scenes but it’s one of the most erotic movies in the ’70s. We’re speaking of Malicious, the cult movie by Salvatore Samperi, a movie that made the people know Laura Antonelli, an actress in the top-ten of the cult beauties. In this update by CinemaCult we present a complete review and some clips to illustrate it, finally in HD! Together with the beautiful Laura, you can find a very sensual Tina Aumont. A very rich and interesting update for our members!

Mi faccio la barca

A funny comedy and two very beautiful women: Daniela Poggi and Laura Antonelli. Both show us her tits, but Laura Antonelli parades in front of us with an intriguing series of breathtaking bikinis. We would have liked many more naked, but we must be content with these few sequences.

The Divine Nymph

Today we open with Laura Antonelli totally naked. She’s one of the most beloved actresses among our members despite she has been away from the star system, due to a life that made her abandon this world. We remember her like so, in a way that she remembers us the maja desnuda by Goya. This scene is from the movie The Divine Nymph by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi.
This isn’t a masterpiece but it shows a certain number of images with Laura Antonelli totally naked and at her best.

The Senator Likes Women

Our journey in the land of ‘nude skin in movies’ goes on with a classic masterpiece by one of our preferred directors: Lucio Fulci. The Senator Likes Women (original title is All’onorevole piacciono le donne) is a satyric movie. The member of council De Puppis (the actor Lando Buzzanca) aims to become the President of Italian Republic because of his high moral values. But he has a little trouble: a whish of intimity with all women he meets, out of control. A friend makes him going to a priest, who is a psichanalist in a feminile college… a big mistake, of course. A valued cast with Laura Antonelli, Anita Sdrindberg and Eva Czemerys. As you can see, we’ve found another rarity, here presented with a complete review and many video clips.

The Venetian Woman

A couple of women, a luscious widow and a young wife whos husband is always out for work, desire a handsome guy and try to have him. Both of them can have him, so we can admire the nude bodies of Laura Antonelli and Monica Guerritore. Together with them, a naked Clelia Rondinella. There’s a simil-lesbo scene with Laura and Clelia. The movie is The Venetian Woman (AKA La Venexiana).

Till Marriage Do Us Part

Today Laura Antonelli died, she was one of the icons of Italian cinema. Our moving farewell goodbye and tribute to this great actress and woman of Italian cinema, on who fortune had stopped smiling for many years. We’d like to remember her in all her beauty and elegance, with these scenes from Till Marriage Do Us Part, where she played together with Karin Schubert.

Venere in pelliccia

A few days ago we talked about the movie Le malizie di Venere, a feature film made in 1975 as a censored version (completely transformed) of the movie Venere in pelliccia (AKA Venus in Fur), released only in Germany in 1969. For a more detailed explanation, read that news. Now we focus on the original and uncensored version, the one with Laura Antonelli naked in what has been her most extreme sequences in film. Many scenes are the same of Le malizie di Venere, but longer. Others, however, are sequences that had been completely cut off by the 1975 version. In short, you may feel a bit confused. In this case, forget the genesis of these two films and think only to the main topic: Laura Antonelli naked. Along with Laura Antonelli, another couple of very interesting nude actresses: Renate Kasché and Josil Raquel.