College is a 1990 TV series inspired by the homonymous film, released in 1984. The main actress is still the same, Federica Moro, who was elected Miss Italy in 1982. Although there are a couple of actors from the original movie, the story of this TV series follows a different path.
There are no nude sequences in this series, but many sexy scenes and several beautiful actresses. Unfortunately, some of them will disappear from the show biz after playing College.
The names of all the beauties present in the series: Ann Margaret Hughes, Cristina Giani, Federica Moro, Jessi Calzà, Lara Wendel and Renee Rancourt.

Desideria: La vita interiore

Stefania Sandrelli in a threesome sex scene with Marcella Petrelli. It looks like the erotic dream of a collector of nude actresses, but this sequence really exists and it comes frome the very rare Desideria: La vita interiore. The majority of nudes in this movie are by another cult actress: Lara Wendel. Total nudes, pantyhose, threesome… nothing is missed in this film. Don’t lose these videos!

La piovra [Season 2]

The adventures of the Cattani police inspector continue. Always fighting against the Mafia, this time he will have to deal with his archenemy. High quality TV series for lovers of the detective genre, but not very interesting for lovers of nude celebrities.
However, Lara Wendel fans can admire her in a very sexy sequence.

La villa del venerdì

Stefan can no longer tolerate his cheating wife… And his wife can no longer tolerate him. Bad situation, it isn’t? Luckily, we don’t handle with this couple things; just nude actresses. And this movie offers us Joanna Pacula nude and Lara Wendel nude. Great actresses and great nude scenes.

Ring of Darkness

We’re receiving a lot of emails calling for new clips with Carmen Russo nude, so today we try to make her fans happy. It’s quite hard because we already have almost the whole filmography of this actress. Today we’ve found the rare Ring of Darkness (original title Un’ombra nell’ombra), an horror by Pier Carpi in which we can see the beautiful Carmen together with other beauties as Lara Wendel, Irene Papas and Anne Heywood. You can find in our archives a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.


Tenebre is a masterpiece from the cult director Dario Argento. An American writer in Rome is stalked by a serial killer. He’s killing all people associated with his work on his latest book and well, not a great advertising for the book! Why we speaking about this sad movie? Because of the nude actresses involved, ofcourse. A great selection of nude celebrities: Eva Robins, Lara Wendel, Mirella Banti and Mirella D’Angelo. Don’t loose the nude clips exctract from this movie. In our archives, as usual.

The Hawk and the Dove

If you like Lara Wendel nude – and we’re sure you like her – you’ll be happy of our last update. We added some new clips from the movie The Hawk and the Dove (original title is Il falco e la colomba), an Italian drama directed by Fabrizio Lori. It’s a boring movie based on the relationship between a politician and a drug addict. But the film is improved by Lara Wendel‘s legs and tits; she shows them generously. A very hot update. (more…)

The Red Monks

A young wife, and ancient mansion, an old cult… We forgot something about this movie? Oh, yeah: Lara Wendel nude and Malisa Longo nude. The two beauties are the best part of this movie, titled I Frati Rossi (or The Red Monks, in USA). Lara Wendel full frontals are stunning and Malisa Longo MILF version is a dream for our eyes. Five stars movie. You can find the nude clips in our archives.