A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

A group of high school students decide to close the first phase of their youth with A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.
We welcome this decision with great enthusiasm, because in this group there are some really hot girls, played by Lindsay Sloane, Michelle Borth, Angela Sarafyan and Lake Bell. And they’re not the only nude actresses in this movie. There is also Dee Dee Rescher, for MILF lovers.
Few nudes, yet many intriguing sequences. First of all the lesbian kiss between Lake Bell and Michelle Borth.

How to Make It in America [Season 1]

Lake Bell is walking around the room with a white t-shirt, no bra and hard nipples. This isn’t an erotic dream, but a sequence taken from the TV series How to Make It in America. In today’s update we present some HD video clips, taken from the first season of this series, satisfying several people.
Our members asking for Lake Bell nude are a great many and they are right to ask for it, because she’s very nice indeed. Other celebrities nude in this first season: Margarita Levieva and Florence Faivre. And in the next few days we will also present the video clips taken from the second season, with even more nude scenes…

How to Make It in America [Season 2]

The first season of How to make it in America showed us Lake Bell‘s nipples under a transparent t-shirt. The second season showed us her boobs in all their glory. Lake Bell nude, at the end! A long sequence that will make you fall off your eyes. And it isn’t the unique interesting sequence. Lake Bell in trasparent tank top, Lake Bell dropping down her panties and showing a tattoo… And some more fabulous scenes, plus more nude celebrities: Nicole LaLiberte, Gina Gershon and Margarita Levieva. (more…)

No Strings Attached

We write this review on Christmas Day so we need a Christmas movie. We looked a little around and we chose Natalie Portman showing her tits while kissing under the tree. The sequence, along with other super sexy sequences, is from the movie No Strings Attached, a comedy that tells the story of two friends with benefits. Besides Natalie Portman in this movie it is one of the most beautiful actresses of contemporary cinema: Lake Bell.