My Tutor

Bobby has some shortcomings in French courses, so his family provides him with a tutor, played by the beautiful Caren Kaye. He is a horny teen, she is a fabulous blonde who practices nudism. It is easy to imagine how he cares about studing French, while he is totally fallen in love by his teacher… Caren Kaye naked in many sequences. Furthermore, the participation of the mythical and prosperous Kitten Natividad!


We at CinemaCult are working on great classics or, better, on the greatest. Today we present one of the masterpiece from that genious direction talent whose name is Russ Meyer. He’s catalogued as one of the second class and pornsoft movies directors. But now critics is given a second chance with a new evaluation of his works. His first movie, The immoral Mr Teas, 1959, maybe is the first hardcore movie in USA. Among 20 movies he realized, today we choose Up!, 1976. Going on in his career he became more extreme, pornographic, pop, pulp. We must remember that Tarantino is found of his works, in example. Up! is one of his last movies, an allucinated journey with all the women he loved: with big big breasts. A long nude celebs list: Raven De La CroixKitten NatividadJanet WoodSu LingLinda Sue RagsdaleMarianne Marks