Nine 1/2 Weeks

One of our members wrote us to ask about the lack in our archives of HD clips from one of the great classics of erotism. Here we are! This movie is Nine 1/2 Weeks and of course we’ve already added the HD clips to our archives. So, here are a complete review and clips from one of the most famous erotic movies from the ’80s. This movie is quite interesting for the main character, the beautiful and sensual Kim Basinger, and one of the most famous striptease in the movie history.

The Door in the Floor

A couple loses their two sons in an accident and this destabilizes them a lot. To give the coup de grace to the husband – a writer – will be his assistant, who goes to bed with his wife.
A few sequences, but which allow us to admire two mature and still beautiful actresses: Kim Basinger and Mimi Rogers.
We want to spend a few extra words on Mimi Rogers, because in this film she gives us a fabulous full nude. And wow, what huge tits!