Cat Chaser

The power of sexual attraction can be very dangerous. The protagonist of this movie discovers this truth when he falls in love with a woman. A woman who is the wife of a general deposed by the Dominican Republic.
A woman played by Kelly McGillis, so it’s easy to see why this man fell in love with her. A few nude sequences in this movie, but Kelly McGillis shows us everything. Even if in the shadows, her full frontal excites us.

The Monkey’s Mask

The Monkey’s Mask is the story of a private detective who loses her mind in a difficult case and a lesbian love story.
The detective is played by the beautiful Susie Porter and her girlfriend is Kelly McGillis, a sexy bomb known by the general public for being Charlie in Top Gun.
These two actresses offer us so much in terms of nude skin and sexual sequences. If you like lesbian scenes of nude actresses you’ll not be disappointed by these sequences.


Witness is one of the best thrillers of the 80s, with a Harrison Ford at the highest levels. An Amish child unwittingly witnesses a murder and is placed under protection. The man of law who will protect him will soon discover that the murder was carried out by other men of law and the matter will become complicated.
Kelly McGillis, the beauty of Top Gun, shows us a Top Body of all respected. Harrison Ford spies on her while she is washing herself and we obviously go out with him…